Cassie Shepherd

April 20, 2011

Straight from the Student's Mouth

Mitch had to write about his first clinical experience for an assignment and I got the pleasure of correcting it. I hadn't expected it to be so personal and sincere. Of course we had talked about his experience, but reading his experience was even better. It makes me so excited that he is blossoming in the field that he loves. Two years from now, when he is graduating, it'll be interesting to see how much he has grown. I am proud of my Mitchell and I love him so much. I am so thankful he works so hard for our family. I am happy that he is starting to love what he does.
Anyway, I wanted to share it. It might be nice to hear something from his point of view for a change....

"Driving to the office and arriving nearly 45 minutes early gave me an opportunity to think about the importance of what I was about to do. It felt different knowing I was going to see patients instead of professors. It was exciting. I could literally see my future unfolding before me. It felt great to actually know that after all these years of studying and training I was entering into a new level by working with patients.

Ms. Wozniak was comforting to learn with. She set a great example as a skilled Physician Assistant. We discussed the material we were learning in class so she could get a feel for my knowledge base. We finished quickly and were off to the first patient. In order to not violate HIPPA, I will error on the side of caution and refer to the patients we met with as Patient A and Patient B.

Patient A came in for a routine diabetes blood test analysis. Ms. Wozniak knew this patient well and I could tell by the way they communicated that I had been given a great preceptor to learn from. I was most impressed how she made the patient feel so comfortable and relaxed. At multiple times during the appointment insurance and payment questions came up. I am gaining a full realization of how important those questions and concerns can be. By the end of the exam I was anxious to learn all that I didn’t know. I felt like some of the things Ms. Wozniak was discussing were beyond my range of knowledge, specifically the test result numbers and what each one meant.

Overall, I was surprised how comfortable I was being with the patients. It came more natural than I had expected. I was excited to perform a history. As I explained my desires to Ms. Wozniak, she said she knew of just the person that I would do well with. It was clear she really knew her patients.

As I began working with Patient B I truly felt comfortable. I didn’t even have “butterflies.” In my mind I began flashing back to the order of locates; however, I soon realized it was coming naturally. I admit, I did have to check to make sure I was asking all the questions, but it was neat to experience confidence.

Patient B was the perfect person to interview. This person was kind and humble. Patient B had a long history of past problems, surgeries, and medications, but was currently experiencing a sore throat. I spent about 30 minutes going over their extensive medical and surgical history. I often found myself wondering what to put on the record and what not to leave off. Filtering and efficiently documenting the information is what I need continued guidance with. During the course of the exam I found myself smiling, knowing I was effectively collecting data that would be used to help treat this person.

In conclusion, I learned that medicine is a real form of art that requires a continuous desire for growth. Those that do not push themselves to become better will stagnate and eventually hurt someone. This visit helped me grasp the importance of staying focused on becoming better. As I develop and become more familiar with the documentation process, I hope to better serve the patients that I work with. I believe that it is transforming that desire to help into practical application, continuously learning, and sincerely caring about your patients that makes a great health care provider."

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  1. Beautiful! May I be Patient C? I feel like I'd be in good hands.....