Cassie Shepherd

April 9, 2011

White Coat Ceremony

The "short" white coat is awarded to students who complete their first semester of a variety of medical programs. It is an important initiatory event that praises and encourages medical students for their desire to better serve their communities. The short coat will be worn through out their clinical and rotation experiences symbolizing their student status. Upon graduation students have proven their commitment and receive their "long" white coat.

Yesterday morning we got his coat ironed and ready to go. He was practicing his pose.

We had a nice evening at the Savannah Convention Center downtown. The program had an amazing keynote speaker who was a PA SU Alumni who graduated in 2003. Since he has served in Iraq in the amputee ward and has been on enemy lines saving soldier's lives during combat. He emotionally spoke of saving one man's life with the help of the Lord. He also was in Haiti within 36 hours of the earthquake last year putting his medical skills to use. Wow, our appreciation and love has certainly grown for the men and women who serve our country. 

Mitch received his white coat from his small group leader, Trisha Howard. The night was much like a graduation ceremony, but I enjoyed this even more then when he graduated with his Bachelors. I'm so proud of him. The next two years are going to be hard, but I know he is going to do amazing. I think the long white coat ceremony will be here before we know it! 

Mitch's Small Group

After the ceremony we mingled over oer d'oeuvres and enjoyed the beauty of Savannah's harbor at sunset. 

Mitch, Jeremy Rindlisbacher and his son-Tayvin
Jeremy is in our ward. We hung out with him and his wife after the ceremony to celebrate the boy's achievements.

We hang out with Matt, Cory, and their girlfriends on a regular basis. They're also some of our good friends from the program.

Doesn't he look handsome!? Mitch starts his first "hands on" clinical next Wednesday and he is now officially ready to go. He'll be meeting with a patient, writing their history, and then diagnosing if he can. He said, "Yeah, I'm nervous! It is a big thing." I know he'll do great and this is just the first of many many visits to come. 


  1. Yes, Mitch does indeed look handsome in his white coat (and he has a beautiful wife beside him). Cassie, you have every reason to be bursting your buttons over this dear man you married. Accomplishment such as this doesn't come easily. It takes discipline, dedication, intelligence and just plain hard work to make it all happen. ( I think it also takes the love and support of his Cassie.)

    Dad and I are both so proud of the two of you!!!!!!!!

    I love you, Mom

  2. Mitch and Cassie,
    We were with you in thought during the white coat ceremony! We are so proud of you both!
    We look forward to visiting you in the Fall and getting a better feel of your life in Savannah.

    We Love You!!

    Mom and Dad

  3. Woooo, That's SO awesome! Goooo Mitch..(and Cass!)