Cassie Shepherd

May 26, 2011

Welcome to Atlanta

It has been a stretch since I've written. Things are better then ever. We spent last weekend in Atlanta at Chase and Allison's wedding. We stayed with her family in a small city right outside of Atlanta. They were extremely nice and, of course, it was a treat to see someone from Utah.

We drove up Friday night. Saturday morning we hung around the house. That afternoon Mitch and I started off at Costco. It was supposed to be "a quick run through." But, I should've known how side tracked Mitchell gets. Two hours later - having bought a new mattress pad and a lantern we headed into Atlanta.

We were going to just visit Ikea, but we couldn't resist a little tourist attraction. We were suckered into going to Pemberton Place. It is across the street from their Olympic Park and holds one of the largest aquariums in the world. It also has the World of Coca-Cola. We decided to check out Coca-Cola versus the aquarium - we only have time for one.

This is a replica of the pharmacist, John Pemberton, who created the product in the late 1800's.

Really, if you ever go to Atlanta - spend your time at the aquarium. We were not impressed with the World of Coca-Cola. All it seemed to be was a huge marketing ploy to convince you that coke is what makes you happy. The tour even included a short film that left Mitch and I wondering what in the world was the point of the cartoon filled with random, almost scary, characters. But, hey, at least trying the 60 different kinds of coke products was enjoyable. Unfortunately, by the time we were finished, we did not want any sort of carbonation though. For your information the flavors that apply to Europeans are not worth trying. Too much sugar for one afternoon.

 We went to Ikea and stalked up on some little items that we needed. On our way back to the wedding Mitch took out his lantern, filled it with batteries and started playing with it while he was driving on the freeway. Have you ever seen the freeways in Atlanta? Not a good idea. Well, that didn't phase him - he just wanted to play with it so I had to get a picture.

Allison and Chase were married in the Mt. Timpanogas Temple the Saturday before last. They held their open house at an LDS church near her parent's house. Allison was a gorgeous bride. They'll head back to Utah for a few months. In August they're moving to Arizona for Chase's graduate schooling. He is going to be a dentist. Actually, that is how Mitch and Chase met. They were both working on their undergrad work and were pre-dental. Mitch changed his course to PA, but Chase stayed strong toward dental.

It was nice to get away for the weekend and see a city larger then Savannah. It made me remember what a small city we live in. I'm grateful we don't have to deal with the hustle and bustle of Atlanta.

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  1. I hear from you on the phone, but I LOVE it also when you send me these updates to the Mitch and Cassie Story. I'm so glad you're keeping this beautiful record of your journey in life. That reminds me of your other messsage about record keeping. Wow! Not only is Mitch impressed with this class - so is your mom! The quote you sent is definitely going into my file. :o)

    As you said, my sweet Cassie, "Everything is just falling into place." Perfect!

    I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!