Cassie Shepherd

June 5, 2011

"Cassie LOVES Chelsie"

River Street
My first roommate in college was Chelsie Watson. I met her the summer of 2007 through the Timothy family. I never thought we'd become such good friends. We moved into Parkway Crossing (now Wolverine Crossing) in the Fall and roomed for that school year. That was a rough year of transition for me. However, Chelsie always seemed to hold me up. Aside from doing most weekend social activities together we took frequent trips to Deseret Book, visited the temple on a weekly basis, sang "Roses and Thorns," Facebook stalked Mitch (yes, he knows) and we shopped waaay too much - we are not a good combination when it comes to saving. One of our very most favorite traditions was to go get a "drive-thru pop." She'd always get Diet Coke. I'd always get Dr. Pepper. Sometimes, Chels and I would write each other Facebook messages when we were only a wall apart. Somewhere amongst the hundreds of wall messages we began saying, "Cassie LOVES Chelsie" or vice versa. It is just our thing.

This last week I was so fortunate to be able to spend time with Chels and her sister, Angela. I'm actually right in between Angela and Chelsie in age. Angela and I are also good friends, but she lives in Idaho most of the year so we didn't get to see each other as regular. Chelsie and Angela flew in late last Thursday and stayed a full week.

I have to mention that Chelsie brought me a huge bag of chocolate covered cinnamon bears. She got me hooked on these the summer we met. In fact, it was the first time I'd ever hung out with her that she made a group of us drive to the grocery store in the middle of the night to get them. They don't sell them down here, so she made sure to make up for it. They were all gone by the time she left :)

Friday morning we were all exhausted so we slept in. That afternoon we went out to lunch at Tubby's downtown on River Street. One of the first stops on our itinerary was to get pralines. I knew the girls really had no idea what to expect, but they were thoroughly convinced that the pralines might just be the best part of Savannah. You'd think we satisfied our cravings by the end of their trip with free samples, but lets just say they flew home with a good couple pounds of pralines.

We actually didn't tour the Juliette Gordon Low home. I've done it before and it is a neat experience. However, I wanted to see a new home this time around. So we went through the gift shop and got a few pictures around the area. In case you didn't know, Juliette Gordon Low is the founder of the Girl Scouts. We toured the Owens-Thomas home and it was fabulous. We were able to see the slave quoters and one of the first plumbing systems in the United States. The home even had a plumbing system before the White House did. No pictures aloud inside, but we did get a few outside.

Friday night we ate at Jalopenos Mexican and rented a chick flick. I hadn't realized how much I missed watching chick flicks and having girl's nights until they came in town. Mitch just doesn't appreciate chick flicks like they do.

Saturday we spent the afternoon at Hilton Head in South Carolina. We went to the beach and then spent the evening at the Tanger Outlet Mall. The outlets were huge. We also ate dinner at a cute beach cafe and then got the famous Rita's Italian Ice. They'd never had Rita's so it was a new treat for them!

Guess not much has changed :)
On Sunday we spent the day in Charleston. I love that city. I almost wish we had gotten into a school there simply because the homes and they downtown area is so gorgeous. Savannah is pretty, but despite much debate Charleston still has my vote.

Here it is very typical to see many churches with graveyards to the side. Needless to say, Chels and Ang were unsettled by the idea.

We got a kick out of the individual bench chairs

We visited Patriot's Point and from there departed for a boat cruise tour of the Charleston harbor. That was probably one of the highlights of the trip. It was about an hour and a half ride and the guide told all about the history of Charleston which was fascinating.

This is a small picture, but notice Mitchell's mouth. He was making shooting sound effects. Typical.

Fort Sumter where the first shots of the Civil War were shot

We couldn't decide where to eat in Charleston so we drove north another 15 miles so we could eat at Olive Garden. It wasn't anything original, the service was terrible, but we were all craving it. We got back into Savannah late and went right to bed. 

The next day was Memorial Day. We didn't want to fight any crowds so we lounged around the house and went swimming at our pool. That evening Chelsie, Angela and I went shopping (yes, again) at the Oglethorpe Mall. We ended the night with another chick flick.

I was back to working with my three girls on Tuesday so I left Chels and Ang to venture around downtown Savannah by themselves. They had planned to do some more tours, but got side tracked by palmetto roses and, of course, pralines. 

That night we ate at Green Tea Chinese which we had been talking about the entire trip. Too bad Chelsie and I were both up at 2 AM throwing it up. Somehow Mitch and Ang bypassed the food poisoning. Chels and I didn't feel very good on Wednesday, but it didn't stop us from going out. I had my three girls again, but we all ventured out to Tybee Island.

We visited the Crab Shack on our way out to the island, got some pictures, and then decided to come back for dinner that night. I explained all about a low country boil and even though the Chels and Ang don't like sea food they were up to try a new place. The unique thing about Crab Shack is that they have live alligators you can see and feed. You also can choose to eat outside right next to the water. Chelsie doesn't like shrimp and I don't care much for it either. However, we both couldn't resist ordering it. It was delicious. Angela had never tried shrimp before. She was adventurous and did, but couldn't stand the texture. 

We got to see friends from Utah two weeks in a row! What a treat. I wish they could've stayed permanently, but, unfortunately, it is back to reality for all of us. 

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