Cassie Shepherd

June 24, 2011

Two Years & Counting

There are multiple theories on the "stages of marriage." Probably the most well known stages are the "honeymoon" and, in contrast, the "honeymoon is over" stage. I've read multiple articles that try to put a number of years on exactly when each stage wraps up. I've thought a lot about exactly when did our "honeymoon" stage start/end? Has it even ended? 

I can think back to the first few weeks Mitch and I were married. We were living in Red Bluff, California. Being the wonderful domestic wife that I was I decided to make my new dear husband scrambled eggs before a long day at work. To my surprise, apparently, there is a very specific way to flick your wrist when you are preparing the eggs to be scrambled and, apparently, I did not do it correctly. I wondered how could Mitch possibly care so much about how his eggs were whipped!? However, it didn't matter what I thought. I knew I had failed at flicking my wrist in just the right way. 

I ended up locking myself in the bathroom (without Mitch realizing it) and crying. Eventually, I think about half way through eating his eggs, Mitch realized something was not right. Now, to his surprise, he was dumbfounded that such a small act could bring me to tears. He hugged me and was overly apologetic.

Oh, what a long way we've come. 

Last Tuesday Mitch and I decided to have steak and eggs for dinner. He suggested sunny side up. I reminded him that I only like scrambled. So, scrambled it was. After cracking the fifth egg, Mitch suddenly realized that I had continued on with cooking and he commented that he still wanted sunny side up. I said that is fine, but then he said he'd just have scrambled. So indecisive I thought! Then he proceeded to watch my wrist flicking techniques. I guess I still haven't mastered it as he took the fork and began teaching me how to flick. I again silently pondered, does this really matter? 

This time I simply chuckled. I retired to the couch and enjoyed a few minutes of television while my dear Mitch finished dinner. Needless to say, this year, we enjoyed some properly whipped eggs together.

The bigger picture is that I've concluded there is no possible way any doctor can determine the "appropriate" time for a couple to transition through a stage. I believe Mitch and I transition in and out of the first two, generally accepted, stages on a regular basis. 

Though, ultimately, I have been able to conclude that from a broader perspective we've certainly come a long way in regards to how we communicate and handle fragile situations. The big picture has changed and overall we are very happy. 

We went back and forth for weeks on what we were going to do on our anniversary. Should we go on a cruise? Buy something special? Elegant dinner out? Temple trip? Friday evening we leaned toward a Temple trip. That night we settled on dinner at The Olde Pink House downtown. We've heard it is elegant and romantic - perfect.

We relaxed Saturday morning and took it easy spending time together. As afternoon approached I started feeling sick. After throwing up our pancake breakfast we decided a fancy date night out might not be so good. Mitch laid in bed with me and we cuddled and talked about our future dreams. He was sweet to take care of me.

That afternoon we managed to get out and go shopping. Mitch was leaving the following day for a scout trip so he needed to pick up some items. While we were at the mall I started to feel much better. We decided to try Texas Roadhouse for dinner. We LOVE Texas Roadhouse. In fact, it is the one restaurant where I honestly prefer their sirloin over their filet.

On our way home we stopped and got some groceries. We took those home and then went back out to Best Buy. We wondered around the store for about an hour. After, we went and got some Cold Stone ice cream and came home to watch a movie.

Last week I was so insistent that Mitch and I did something "special," but to my surprise I really enjoyed the simple day with him. I hadn't realized that we've been so busy we haven't got to spend a relaxing day together for quite sometime. It was perfect!

I am so thankful for having Mitchell in my life. Mitchell's enthusiasm is priceless and probably one of the number one characteristics I love about him. The other day I was irritated about something and retreated to our office while I cooled down. I came out a few minutes later and Mitch and had so very quietly created a wall of stools in our doorway. Don't ask me why. I look over at him and he is beaming. I tried so hard not to laugh, but I couldn't help catching his contagious smile. He is hilarious and I love it. 

We realized the other day that we've spent every summer/anniversary together on the coast. In 2008 Mitch was living in Costa Mesa, (by Anaheim) California. We "officially" were in a relationship on June 6, 2008. I visited him four times that summer. We even spent the 4th of July at Huntington Beach. The next summer we lived in Eureka, California which is right on the coast as well. Summer of 2010 we were living in Salem, Oregon. That is about an hour off of the coast, but we did spend some time out by the ocean. This year we're on the opposite side of the United States, but, still, here we are on the east coast. I wonder where we will be next year!


  1. I missed your anniversary! Sad! Happy anniversary. Sometimes simple is best. Every year and with each new child our anniversary celebrations have been less and less. But, each has been special and filled with emotion.

    And it made me so happy to read about your 4th of July trip to Huntington. That is where I've spent countless 4ths all growing up and throughout college too when I'd come home for the 4th. So fun!

  2. Happy belated anniversary!! Glad you got to feeling better to enjoy part of your day. And the most important thing is that you were together, even if it wasn't what you were hoping for. It is so adorable how you talk about your guy. :)

  3. Man, oh man you guys had such an awesome photographer. Love your pictures!

    Congrats on two years! It flies by. You guys seem awesome together.