Cassie Shepherd

July 15, 2011

Georgia Lightning

About 12:30 PM last night I was in our back bedroom. Mitch had been watching lightning outside and just walked in. We've all heard thunder before, but I don't think everybody has heard thunder as loud as we did last night. There was a bright flash that lit up our apartment and almost instantaneously very very very loud thunder followed. I thought it had hit right behind our apartment. Mitch thought it hit somewhere in the front.
It turns out a tall pine tree was hit and then the lightning traveled into the oak tree next to it. Both of these are in our complex and can be seen from our front door. There are people in our complex whose television sets and modem devices got fried. Fortunately, thanks to Mitch, we had unplugged anything of too much importance when the storm started.
This is the second and third tree in our complex to have been hit by lightning. During the storm last night Mitch bought a surge protector off Amazon. It should be here tomorrow. I think we're going to need it.

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