Cassie Shepherd

July 13, 2011

Remodel and Updates

As an anniversary gift to each other Mitch and I purchased an IPad. My laptop had just about reached its limit. With me going back to school we needed something that would be easily compatible for me to study on. Turns out my on-line courses will use a program that will work nicely with the IPad. So, it was great excuse to buy one.

I could go on and on about how much we love it. However, that would simply get boring I think. In short, I'll just say I've wondered how we've survived this long without one.

I've explained all this mostly so I can say that I had to remodel my blog page because I couldn't easily view my blog. In fact, I couldn't read it on the IPad. That was easily solved by changing to a simple white background.

Mitchell has been running a fever for the last couple of days. I was afraid he might have strep throat, but it looks like his sore throat may be getting better. He has been sick with a head cold for over a week. He has been entrenched in studies so he hasn't had much time to rest and recover. Even as I am writing this it is one in the morning. He has to get up around 6:30 for clinical rotations in the morning. He does them in Pooler and then afterward goes directly to school for testing. I'm trying to be supportive by staying up with him. I can sleep in though.

School has kept me busy lately. The girls are in Oklahoma visiting their grandparents for the month so I haven't been working as often. Lorianne, their mother, and I have continued reading as much as we can on the subject of attachement disorders and effective parenting techniques. Everything I'm learning is facinating. We've been meeting with the eductional psychologist on a regular basis to try to better our habits in communication with the girls. Specifically the oldest as she has suffered the longest.

A1, the oldest, has held onto her control the most. Her complications are by far the worst and have the most depth to them. We could really write a book on how complex she is. It is interesting because her professional testing scores are that of her age - 11. Yet, when we work at home with her she will struggle with preschool level thoughts and principles. For example, we gave her blocks to play with. She made a straight line with them. She never built up - just straight. That is a very basic action for an early aged child. She may score on an academic level anywhere from a kindergarten to sixth grade level. I know there is an emotional tie to her struggles because of her past though.

Her imagination is extremely limited. Her reasoning is skewed, yet sometimes makes sense in an odd way. She sees things in a different light. However, other times she doesn't seem to make sense at all. One day she will let down her wall. One day she will blossom.

I love the family so much. The girls's parents are fantastic. They couldn't be in a better home. Heavenly Father surely put the grils right where they needed to be. As I've said many times before, I am so thankful for the opportunity I'm in right now. Not only do I hope I'm helping the girls and even their parents along the way, I've learned new things about myself and my relationships. Much of that thanks goes to the parents though. They've really provided such a way to help support my growth in many areas. I think they've also heavily influenced Mitch too. We could talk with them for hours about politics or religion. Lorianne sends us home with dinner on a regular occasion. Really, I can't express how blessed we are to know them.

Aside from the education psychologist we're also working with an occupational therapist, physical therapist, and psychiatrist. Debbie, her private teacher, is amazing. Her and I have grown close too. I have much to learn from her as well. We will also be initiating a play therapist here shortly I believe. We have such a great team. They are all influencing me for the better and my thoughts and horizons are broadening because of it. Again, I know our Heavenly Father put us in the right place for more than just one reason.

What a joyful journey we are on.


  1. I like the new layout of your blog! That's wonderful that you're working with so many skilled professionals.

    Oh, and I added you on Google+ too but, it says you don't have a profile yet? Do you have a gmail account or just your hotmail?

  2. Thanks! Hey, you should add me to your okay to see list on your blog. I mean if you are okay sharing. I always go to look at it, but then forget I can't haha.

    We do have google+ under mitch's account. I don't know if it would work with my hotmail so I signed up under his email even though we had the invite at my hotmail account. I'll email you his address.