Cassie Shepherd

August 14, 2011

Date Night

Baseball Game!
Go Savannah Sand Gnats!
 But, we only stayed about an hour. I got restless.
After, we went out to dinner at Jalapenos...
It was our second time in a week.

PS - One month from today and we will be back in the SLC!


  1. We're supposed to go to a Snad Gnat game soon ourselves. Don't know how long the kids will last. You are beautiful! And I am jealous that you're going to UT. I am missing UT valley :)

  2. We have been wanting to go to a Sand Gnats game too! I get restless easily at those things too unless there are a lot of yummy snacks haha! Was it hot or pretty nice?

    We are heading to Utah around September 6th! When will you be there?

  3. The heat wasn't as bad as I anticipated. We found out later that the game was rained out so we can go a second time if we'd like. However, honestly, I think I'd rather try something else this time around. :)

    We will be in Utah September 14-21. How long are you guys staying?