Cassie Shepherd

August 22, 2011

Hurricane Irene

This picture changes with the update of the storm...
We were right in the path of Hurricane Irene.

I am so thankful we have been led and are continuing to be led by the prophets of the church. Not two weeks ago my mom and I were talking about President Hinckley's 1998 comments in October's General Conference, "There is a potent of stormy weather ahead and we had better give heed." I feel like both mine and Mitchell's parents have taught us the importance of emergency preparedness and I am so grateful for that.

I've always felt it is good to be prepared. It does create a peaceful feeling, but even sometimes the thought of saving food or buying odd emergency essentials seems a little crazy. However, this is the first time I can say with 100% certainty that I am so grateful we haven't taken becoming prepared light hearted.

Over the last few months we both have thought about getting renter's insurance. It seems like little thoughts or situations have kept popping up that impress us we should get it. For example, when our power went out. That night I laid awake thinking our trees by our apartment could be struck by lightning and catch our units on fire. I know that is a little dramatic, but then a month later two trees in our apartment did get hit by lightning! Then two weeks ago there was a tornado warning here. Mitch and I have smelt smoke in our apartment on two different occasions. The first time was about a month ago. We decided it was just a BBQ close by. The second time was about a week ago. We couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from. We checked all around and finally decided there was no threat. We decided that was the last warning we needed and that we were just going to cough up the money for renter's insurance. Our policy was finalized Friday and I am thankful for listening.

We might not even end up being effected by a fire, a tornado, or hurricane. However, we are fully ready if anything does. We had distinct impressions to not come to Georgia without heavy duty 72 hours kits. Those are ready to go. Finally, we have plenty of food to last us a few months if necessary. Again, I can't express how grateful I am.

Our one small concern is generating cool air if our electricity is out for too long, but really we can survive without that. We also have evacuation plans set up so that might not ever be an issue.

Either way, we are prepared to go or stay. If that time comes I know our Father in Heaven will tell us. He has already told us so much.


  1. About the renter's insurance--wow. Just wow.

    But I totally understand the feeling. We bought a house in May and based on some of the things that were wrong with it decided we needed a home warranty. Two months later our AC went out and had to be totally replaced. Could have been a 5K hit in the pocketbook. As it was, only 700.

  2. It pays (sometimes literally) to listen to those promptings! :)