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September 27, 2011

Utah Travels

I didn't realize how much I missed being home until I was there. Our time in Savannah has flown by. We had such a wonderful time seeing friends and family. We are so thankful to Mitchell's parents who provided a way for us to visit. 

Me and My Mom
Me and My Dad
It was rather unfortunate. The afternoon we flew into Salt Lake City I started feeling a sick. By Thursday morning I was stuffed up. That didn't slow us down though. After lots of hugs and kisses from my parents on Wednesday we settled into Mapleton with Mitch's parents. I love spending time with his sister and brother-in-law, Jill and Blaine. They are about our age and it is always fun to catch up. Jill took my braces off Wednesday night and Thursday morning my sister-in-law Lisa did my hair. I felt like a new person! That afternoon I visited my other sister-in-law, Lu. 

Morgan City
Mitch and I were driving in Pleasant Grove when I had a sudden thought to go to Artic Circle. Yes, it was all about the fry sauce. It is funny, Mitch and I never even ate there when we lived in Utah, but for some reason I thought it would be fun to go. About thirty seconds later Mitch said the same thing I was thinking. Strange huh? We rounded the corner and there was an Artic Circle! We said what a coincidence. We debated whether to go in or go through the drive thru. We decided to take a few minutes and go inside. It is a good thing we did!

We couldn't decide what kind of malt or shake to split - carmel or oreo? We went back and forth and back and forth. Mitch finally apologized to the cashier. He explained we were from out of state and we were trying to make the most out of our visit to Artic Circle. She asked where we were from and Mitch explained Georgia. Surprised, she responded that she too moved from Georgia to Utah about a year ago. And, can you guess where she lived? Savannah. We had a great conversation about the area and she knew exactly where we lived. I am not sure exactly why we were so prompted to go there, but clearly we were meant to meet this woman.

To add to the story, we went to Losee to get my wedding ring re-dipped. One of the customers in there overheard us say we were in Savannah and explained how he used to live in Gainsville. He had taken a single mother from Savannah into live with him while they were there. We talked about the church's growth and we even gave him some advice about his son's schooling. It seemed Georgia followed us wherever we went.

Bear Lake
Thursday evening we left on a Harley ride. It was good to be back on the bike! When we were driving up Provo canyon I couldn't help but reminisce. I have missed living near the mountains! Savannah has some beautiful scenery, but my home is in the mountains.

We drove up through Morgan City and dropped down into North Ogden. It was one of the most beautiful rides we've been on. Coming out of Huntsville into Ogden was so pretty! That evening we stayed with our friend, James, in Smithfield, outside of Logan. Logan had a new meaning to me, because I am attending Utah State. Honestly, it was a little weird to think all of my professors and some of my classmates were there in that city. It was sort of surreal.

The next day I was really sick. I am pretty sure I had a fever. I hated to spoil the ride, but we decided we better go home that day. Originally we had planned to ride up into Wyoming. The forecast also called for rain so it was probably better that we didn't go through with our plans.

We drove through Bear Lake and took a little moment of silence as we over looked the lake. I have a lot of memories there. Not all of them bad though. We dropped into Garden City and got a famous raspberry shake. It was delicious! Out of all the times I've been to Bear Lake I don't think I have ever had a raspberry shake.

Me and Meg
We finished our drive through Evanston and back down through Provo Canyon. We got rained on as we were passing through BYU's campus, but fortunately that was it. The rest of Friday we relaxed at home. Our good friends, Matt and Megan, came over. I love Meg! It is so nice because we can just leave Matt and Mitch alone to do their thing. They could spend hours together. Just like me and Meg.

Matt and Mitch
Saturday, Lorianne flew in from Savannah. That night Mitch went to the shameful BYU game with his Dad. Lorianne, my parents, and I went out to dinner at Market Street. Sunday we all went to church. That afternoon we drove Lorianne up through Park City and down into Mapleton. That night we had a little BBQ at Mitchell's place. We got to spend time with most of all our friends and families. It was good to see everyone.

Us and Mitch's Mom
Pop going strong at 90!
Melissa, Nate, Mitch, Jared, and Jule. Mitch, Nate and Jared went to High School together.
Me, Chelsie and Jillian
Our Niece, Rachel
Me and Megan
Me and Jill 
Us, Jillian and Brandon
Mom - Me - Jill
Tyler, Alec and Eric
My three nephews definitely looked the most different. They looked like a bunch of punks walking into the BBQ. They are now officially all taller than me! They'll still all be "my boys" though 

On Monday, Lorianne, Mitch and I spent the day downtown. We toured and saw the LDS Humanitarian Center, Conference Center, Relief Society Building, Joseph Smith Memorial, Desert Book, North and South Visitor's Centers, Church History Museum, and the Tabernacle. It was a busy busy day. We were so worn out. Lorianne isn't a member, but I bet she can tell you more about Mormons then even some members themselves! We ended the day with yummy Cafe Rio. :)

Lorianne and Me
Lorianne flew home Monday night. Tuesday we went out to lunch with family at Johnny Carinos. It felt like a normal family outing. It doesn't seem like it was over ten months ago we were all together. The only way it would've been better if Mary and Josh's family had been there.

Brad, Ty, Alec, Meg, Me, Mitch, Mom, Bob, Dad
Tuesday afternoon I spent with my best friend, Chelsie. We re-lived our college days by getting a drive-thru pop, shopping, and eating at Brick Oven. It was SUCH a good day. I have missed my best shopping and scrapping buddy!

Me and Chels
We flew home Wednesday. We almost missed our connecting flight in Vegas. A little advice: don't check your flight gate while talking on the cell phone. I looked at the arrivals instead of the departing flights. Lets just say they were boarding our plan when we figured it out. We ran from one terminal to the next with a bunch of luggage. I couldn't stop coughing for almost an hour into our flight. It was miserable. We got into Jacksonville around midnight. I think between the traveling and being sick my body has been saying enough! I have slept a lot and am having such a difficult time studying. I even had a migraine on Saturday, which only happens like once a year.

Alas, we're moving forward. Mitchell starts class next Monday and I am back to work and school responsibilities.

If only the trip could have lasted a little bit longer...

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