Cassie Shepherd

October 21, 2011

Mom and Dad

My sister-in-law's mother-in-law unexpectedly passed away last week. She was only 42 and died from complications of a brain tumor that they had found ten days prior. The Jensen family has been in our prayers. 

I having been thinking that I am so grateful I got to spend so much time with my parents over these last few months. It still doesn't seem like it was long enough. I would've been perfectly content if my parents had stayed here for another few months! I loved being able to show them our lives. The girls absolutely loved them both. I am happy they got to meet them. 

I love my mom and dad dearly and hate being so far  away from them.

Although I love the experiences we have had here in Savannah I believe I am more home sick now that everyone has come and gone. 
We are a few months short of making our decisions about returning to Utah and I am unsure of what will come. Half of me is ready to settle back into Utah, but the other half is drawn to stay near the Kearney family and continue living our lives so independently. 
I am torn. 
But, eventually I know Utah will surpass Savannah.


  1. Oh Cassie. Tell Mitch that every penny he spent on his camera was well worth it!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful the pictures are and how they captured every special moment of our "awesome" trip to Georgia. And I love your narrative! I know now I'm the one who's homesick -- for Savannah. You and Mitch were so good to us and managed, in spite of your busy lives, to make us feel comfortable and welcome in your world. It's a trip both Dad and I will treasure the rest of our lives. Thank you - sincerely. We love you both so very much!

    OK. Now how can we get copies of everything? Would it be best to run each page off on photo paper? I'll save this on my computer of course, but I want pages for my book also.

    We still miss you, but I'm so glad you're happy with your Mitch, your darling (and spotless) apartment, your church, your new friends, your three sweet girls and your relationship with Jim and Lori Ann. I feel that all is well...

    I love you.

  2. I second what mom says - these photos are amazing. I want to frame them and hang them here.