Cassie Shepherd

December 17, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year... finishing the school semester and the holidays!

Mitch is officially done with one year of schooling! He finished this semester with all As and two Bs. He has one more semester of book work and then it is time for rotations! We have decided that he will complete at least his first two rotations here - probably the psychology, OBGYN, or pediatrics rotations. The earliest we would move back to Utah would be the end of June. He is convinced we are leaving then, but he was also convinced we were leaving in April. I am still not so sure. 

I completed this semester with all As and one A- in statistics. I completed a total of 139 assignments over the semester. It is nice to be done! And, I am ready to begin five new classes. Spring semester I am taking:
-Abuse and Neglect in Family Context
-Family and Social Policy
-The Consumer and the Market
-Human Sexuality
-Psychological Statistics

Plus, I am still working on an Infant Development class through BYU. I am looking forward to my class on abuse, because the information will apply directly to my job. I am least looking forward to another statistics course. On a brighter note though, I actually helped Mitch study for his Biostatistics final last week. It is on rare occasion that I teach him, especially math of all subjects! Classes start the second week of January for me and the third week of January for Mitchell.

I posted a link to our photography blog a few days ago. We have been doing a little advertising on Craigslist to see if there was a market for photography and we've actually been doing really well. Mitch has some sessions lined up over the holidays, so it'll keep him busy. 

Last year at this time we only had a Christmas tree and our dining table, so I thought I would post some updated pictures of our place with a little bit of Christmas flare.

Yes! We finally have nightstands :)

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