Cassie Shepherd

February 3, 2012

2011 Reflections

Near Christmas, my family reflects on the year by writing down recent events, what we are grateful for, and setting goals or ideas for what we would like our life to be like in the future. Five years later we read out loud our experiences. This is a copy of what I wrote this year. It is a bit more personal, but it best describes my feelings about 2011. 

"The best thing that happened to us in 2011 was our move to Savannah! It has been such an experience. I couldn’t be more grateful to have served in the Relief Society presidency because it has allowed me to gain a much broader view of the world and of the Gospel.
Last Christmas (2010) we spent Christmas Day in the “projects,” but it was probably the most memorable Christmas dinner I’ll ever have. Sister Wiley spoiled us with what seemed like ten main courses and 20 side dishes! How humbled I am to work with so many loving, charitable people.
I have tasted poverty, seen abuse, heard racism, and touched hell. For others, I have cried joyfully and wept painfully. It has been the best year of my life and I am overwhelmed when I think of our blessings. My experiences have given me deeper spiritual insights and a stronger bond with the Savior. I know that I have been safely watched over by angels so that no harm has come upon me in dangerous territories. Our home has been protected and it is our haven of peace. I know the difference between the various degrees of heaven. I have traveled between them in Savannah.
The Lord didn’t forget me when we moved here. He placed me with a family that I will never forget and gave me an experience that is valued much higher than any typical job I could have had. The Kearney’s have impacted my academic career, stretched my potential and helped unlock a passion of love for children. I hope that five years from now we are in touch and they are still impacting me.
I am also very grateful for my rock, my foundation, Mitch. Our marriage has exponentially grown deeper over the last year and my love for him has peacefully settled. We are enjoying the journey as we learn to get along and I couldn’t be happier with him. I am too blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life.
We plan to move back to Utah this summer and it is a bitter/sweet feeling. I cry because I am homesick, but I also cry when I think of leaving Savannah. Upon returning to Utah I hope our talents will continued to be refined and we will experience similar, if not better, happenings. I hope to continue my education in family studies so I can serve the community and help as many people as I can. Above all, five years from now, I hope to be a mother that is leading her children in the Gospel and ensuring we are all doing what the Lord wants us to be doing."


  1. I made a copy of this when you sent it before, and it's not only in our "Gratitude Bucket" but in my own fiile of precious things. It's beautifully written and your sweet testimony radiates from the page. I love you!

  2. I love your new header! Esp the one in front of the Newport Beach temple. You have definitely been a true blessing to me this past year.