Cassie Shepherd

February 24, 2012


Cozumel was prettier than we imagined. We rented a Jeep and spent the day exploring the island.

The Mayan ruins are the main attraction in the city of Puerto Maya. There are three area that have ruins. We went to the largest one, San Gervasio. My favorite part about the ruins were seeing the red hand prints that have been preserved. 

The rest of the island is covered with gorgeous beaches. On our way back to the city, I made Mitch stop a get me a coconut that I could drink out of. I don't even like coconut, but I wanted to say that I had taken a drink from a coconut on the beautiful beaches of Mexico. It was disgusting. 

Cozumel was that last stop of the trip. The next day we spent a "fun day at sea" and then debarked early Friday morning. We grabbed some Panda Express (which, they don't have in Savannah) on our way home and headed back to reality. 

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