Cassie Shepherd

February 4, 2012

Orlando Temple

The feelings that overwhelm me when stepping onto Temple grounds never seize to amaze me. As we approached the Orlando Temple it was like coming home. We have never been there before, but suddenly we were surrounded by our brothers and sisters. I realized I was a little overwhelmed with how busy it was. I was caught off guard; excited that there were so many Mormons. I had forgotten how it feels like to be surrounded by members nearly everywhere you go in Utah!

Our session was wonderful. It was a little unusual because it was all done in Spanish, but I loved being surrounded by all the hispanic men and women. We couldn't verbally communicate, but spiritually we were all connected and it was beautiful to share our experience with them. 

I've always felt, like most people, that obvious difference the moment you step out of the temple. That feeling of crossing back into the unknown refreshed, but still lacking the ability to keep that strong peaceful feeling with you. Even within a few short hours the Spirit seems to drift away. I know He remains with us, but it is much more subtle and sometimes harder to find. I shouldn't take for granted that the nearest Temple is only three hours away, but I can wish that we had one in Savannah. Rumor has it that when the Columbia, SC Temple was dedicated it was prophesied that there would one day be a Temple in Savannah. Just in the last year I have seen much work unfold in this area. I am grateful that I have been able to be apart of the growth by serving in the Relief Society Presidency. However, I know it will still be a long time before there will be a Temple here. 

Speaking of Relief Society, in December I was told that I was going to be released. Our president, Michelle, had brought in two foster children and was raising her other three children as a single mother. She needed to be able to put all of her attention on them. I had felt that the time was coming, but was still devastated. For three weeks I anxiously awaited my release. Then, the morning of the 31st Bishop Thompson called me to be the 1st counselor to Norma. I was so relieved and grateful that this is where Heavenly Father wanted me to stay. 

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  1. I loved your pictures and was especially touched by your comments about your visit to the Orlando Temple. I had just read our ward newsletter when your message arrived. The article written by our neighbor, Scott C., also expressed nearly the same feelings you had about your temple experience. I felt like I was blessed twice to hear such beautiful testimonies about a sacred place I love so much.

    I love you, dear Cassie. Thank you for "making my day." Mom