Cassie Shepherd

February 7, 2012

Palm Beach & Miami

Palm Beach
Our good friends, Josse and Chelsea Marques live in West Palm Beach, which is about an hour away from Miami. Our ship left from the Port of Miami so we spent Saturday and Sunday with Josse. Sunday morning we saw downtown Palm Beach and visited City Market where we ate a Mexican lunch and enjoyed some Rita's custards. We also drove along the Florida coast and admired all the mansions that overlooked the Atlantic Ocean.
That afternoon we drove into Miami. It was gorgeous! I couldn't believe how different the beach was from Tybee. The water appeared much more blue and the sunset was fantastic. We ate at Rustica Pizza right off Ocean Drive, saw the Versace Mansion, drove by "Star Island," toured downtown, and wished we could spend money at Tiffany's (okay, well, I wished I could spend money at Tiffany's). I told Chelsea I was so glad that we were just starting our vacation. It was a wonderful kick off to the cruise and we loved being able to spend time with Josse and Chelsea.


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