Cassie Shepherd

April 13, 2012


"Turning, turning, turning through the years. Minutes into hours and the hours into years."

My last post was nearly two months ago and covered our trip to Mexico. To sum up this post, all I have to say is that I wish I was still in Mexico!

Where did that post go where I explained we were suddenly moving to Utah? Or the one about leaving my "family away from family" - the Kearney's? Mitchell's three day drive across the United States? Or how about the one where we decided to move into an actual house?! Oh, and the one about getting a new job? The post about attending General Conference? What about missing my friends and "ward family?" Didn't I mention my parents are selling the house I grew up in?

Two days ago, Mitch and I were driving into Provo, past University Mall. I looked at him and said, this was the right move. We do belong here. When our life suddenly did a 180 degree turn in February, everything and I mean everything seemed to align perfectly...

Lets back up a little, in November Mitch and I were trying to decide whether or not we were going to move back to Utah this Spring. We were consistently praying about where we should go and what we should do next with our lives. When we attended the Columbia Temple, we both felt like we should move back to Utah sooner than later. So, that was that. Until the next morning...when I woke up with a pit in my stomach that wouldn't go away. Later, over Thanksgiving dinner, we told the Kearney's that we were thinking about moving back to Utah. That didn't go so well and the knot in my stomach only increased. So, we re-visited the idea of staying in Georgia longer. We tentatively decided on staying, at least, until the end of June. If you re-call, I even posted about it - here.

As you can imagine, we were both a little shocked in February when South University announced they were out of rotations in the Savannah area. Many students, including Mitch, were told that they would have to travel 2-3 hours to get to their clinical sites. Our wheels started turning and three days later we were on board to move to Utah in April. Mitch had no problem whatsoever getting his rotations lined up here. As soon as we made contact with a few family friends, he had rotation offers coming out his ears! We gave our landlord notice and I worked with Norma to make sure Relief Society was being taken care of. Of course, the Lord had already planned for this and prepared another sister to take my place - long before any of us knew it.

We told the Kearney's, which was hard, but, of course, they were very supportive. In fact, when I was offered a nanny job (out of 500 applicants) and had to fly home even earlier then we expected, Lorianne paid for it. It was a "bonus." I really miss them. Changing jobs has probably been the hardest transition coming home.

It is a very very very long story how we managed to end up in our Springville home. In summary, first we had it, then we didn't, then we had it, then we didn't, and now we are in it. The end.

One night while I was praying, I told Heavenly Father that if we were making the wrong decision by moving to Utah he was going to have to scream NO in my ear. As our plans changed, like I said, everything seemed to align perfectly for us to come home. It was almost too perfect. There were enough tender mercies that fell into place that neither one of us could find a reason that we shouldn't move back. Plus, inevitably, one day we had planned to move back anyway. It was just a matter of timing and according to the Lord, now was the time.

I flew home three weeks earlier then Mitch to start my new job. During this time I almost convinced myself that the Lord was tricking us the entire time. He didn't really want us to move to Utah. He was just testing us or playing with our emotions. Okay, realistically speaking, I know that wasn't the case, but the thoughts seriously crossed my mind too many times. It wasn't that I didn't like my job or seeing family wasn't wonderful, I was just homesick and ready to move back to Georgia before Mitch could leave.

But, that isn't what we are supposed to do. We do belong here. I am not entirely sure why, I have a few ideas, but only time will tell. It is probably a combination of reasons and a time for us to be learning more about our relationship with Heavenly Father. I am grateful that He has taken care of us and know that He'll continue to lay out our path in the way that it is supposed to go. There is definitely a side to me that feels it is sure nice to be back around a bunch of Mormons!

I am hoping to get some pictures of our house up fairly soon. Organizing and decorating the house has been a slow process between work and school. If I were to do it again, I might think twice about moving earlier because it was a stressful transition, but such is life. It is coming together piece by piece.

For now, we're going forward with faith and turning our way through life.


  1. Cassie, I didn't know you had a blog! What a beautiful account of how God brought all of this together. It is one thing to be able to look back and see Him working, but, when you are in the very center of it and can see Him moving all around, it is incredibly awes-inpsiring.
    I loved your reading this. It was like hearing you talk again, and I do miss that.
    Tell me one thing, though. You know you miss being around all of us Methodists, don't you? haha!
    I loved getting to know you and sharing our faith. You are a very special person, and I miss seeing you terribly. I will be following your blog from now on.
    Hey, how many Pinterest ideas have to put to work in your new house? Post pictures soon.
    Love you!

  2. Welcome back to Utah! We're practically neighbors with you in Springville now. :)

  3. I love the quote from Les Miz that you use at the beginning. It's certainly appropriate!

    I'm so proud of you for writing your feelings and keeping your story with Mitch up to date. You write beautifully and you are creating a treasure for a lifetime. You'll appreciate your words even more as the years go by and so will your children and your grandchildren. Of course I love every word, and look forward to your next chapter...

    The move was difficult. There is no denying that fact, but I too believe it is to be this way. Our move is also very difficult, and there have been many emotions concerning our decision to leave our beautiful home so full of love and memories. When Deborah was writing the little blurb describing the house, she mentioned that it is a "great family home with a yard made for children, swings, toys and a large space to play." Oh my. Sometimes I wonder, as you do, if we are making the right choice, but then there are moments of complete clarity and I know this is the time for us to "turn" again. I like what our prophet said, "Go forward with faith." That's what life is all about isn't it?

    You've prayerfully made the right decision, Cassie, as I'm sure we have also. Go forward. Don't look back. Those beautiful memories in Savannah will always be with you - and you'll have many more magical times to add to them no matter where you are. I promise.

    I love you. Mom