Cassie Shepherd

June 29, 2012

Our Future Home

In case you didn't know, the picture above is our future lot. Those red rocks that you see are our backyard. Our address will end in St. George, Utah. 
The winter before Mitch and I were married we came down to the St. George Parade of Homes. We were in the middle of planning our wedding. During our trip, I told Mitch one day we will live in St. George. And, three years later I am still planning it out….

This was our first visit back since we have been in home from Savannah and I was SO thrilled to go. In fact, I even told Mitch while we were driving around looking for our home that St. George already felt more like home than Springville. One day I will post about our plans to move to St. George and reference this post. You just watch!

While our dreams are being excavated, 
we will visit regularly and take full advantage of Zion National Park and the Tuacahn.

 We bought an annual pass to the National Parks so we have a good excuse to do lots of traveling through Southern Utah. We plan to hike most, if not all, the areas in Zion. We also want to squeeze in some trips to Canyonlands and the Grand Canyon. This time around we hiked The Narrows and, of course, it was unbelievably gorgeous!

The Tuacahn is a must do. We saw Aladdin. It was a little cheesy, but, I would absolutely go see it again. Probably just because I love the atmosphere SO much.

 Since I had to work the next morning, Mitch and I drove back to Springville after the show. We didn't get to bed until 5 AM. On our way home, Mitch stopped to play with his camera and got some pretty awesome night shots. Not too bad for an amateur. 

This trip was planned to celebrate our three year anniversary. Go us!


  1. So gorgeous. I love Southern UT esp Narrows. Maybe one day we can hike it together :)

  2. I've always loved St. George and know you do too. What happened to Logan?