Cassie Shepherd

July 15, 2012

A Journey is Best Measured in Friends...

…rather than miles.

Mitchell's first week at his Pediatrics rotation was the week of the 4th of July. We spent the holiday on a Harley ride and bounced between family and friends. He only had to be into work one day so we packed up early Friday morning and headed on a road trip. Over the next three days, Brandon and Jillian traveled with us through Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Utah.

The first day we visited Jackson Hole - spent a little time under the antlers, watched some cowboys & indians, and shopped around town. We went to Bubba's for dinner (Shepherd favorite). And for the record Mitch and I did awesome at eating healthy. We were a little worried about what would happen on vacation, but Bubba's had a great salad bar! When we left Jackson Hole we headed north toward the Grand Tetons. We met some more friends along the way...

Except, Jillian and I were really disappointed we didn't see a bear. 

Anyway, if you ask Mitch he'll describe our camping spot as "the BEST camping ground in the world!" At first I thought he felt this way because it was free, but when we woke up Saturday morning overlooking the Teton Mountains, I agreed that it is probably one of the best places we've ever camped…

Thank you to our jet boil which helped us stay on track with our healthy meals. Nothing like waking up with some delicious hot chocolate! Except, DO NOT put boiling water in a shaker bottle…

Saturday we drove through the Tetons and made our way up through Yellowstone. So pretty.

In Yellowstone, of course, we visited Ol' Faithful. Brandon and Jillian had never been through Jackson Hole or Yellowstone before (I know, they're a little sheltered ;) so it was super fun showing them the sights. Though, admittedly, none of us thought Ol' Faithful was anything great. 

After roaming through West Yellowstone, we visited Mesa falls. Honestly, I thought this was much more impressive than Ol' Faithful. 

That evening we ate in Ashton, Idaho. It was some crazy little town, but had an awesome Pizzeria with REALLY good huckleberry ice cream. Did I say that out loud? Okay, maybe we cheated just a little tiny bit with the ice cream. But, really, how often do you go through Ashton, Idaho (population 1,117 to be exact) and get to eat huckleberry ice cream??? It was so worth it.

On our way home we came through from the North side of Bear Lake. I had a moment of silence as we drove by the Montpelier, ID hospital and passed the bird sanctuary. You'll understand why if you've read "A Night of Miracles."

My FAVORITE part about the trip was having girl time with Jillian for over fifteen hours in the car. It sure didn't seem like that long. I sat in the back seat with her so our conversations wouldn't be interrupted by the boys talking about boat motors. Jillian and I covered just about any subject you can think of. And, I loved every minute of it. 
There is nothing like traveling with best friends.

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