Cassie Shepherd

August 5, 2012

Brittney and Chance's Wedding

Mitch and I have never been to the Manti Temple. When we received Brittney and Chance's wedding invitation, we finally had an excuse to make the drive to Manti. I found out it is only a little over an hour from where we live, which isn't too much longer than going to SL. Admittedly we are spoiled that Provo Temple is ten minutes from us. 
Brittney is Mitchell's dad's sister's daughter. Or, to put in simply, his cousin. 

Yes, we are fully aware that Mitch and I are blurry, but this was the only picture we had taken of us. Mitchell's parents are on the right.

After the temple sealing we had the wedding luncheon at Magleby's in Springville. 
If you remember, my mother didn't have me until she was 47 years old. Since she didn't have any brothers and sisters, my dad's brothers were the only extended family I really had growing up. Most of my cousins were a good 10-20 years older than me. I never had a strong relationship with them. If anything, I knew their kids (my second cousins) better, but even then, we were never close.
So this whole having grandparents and cousins thing is completely new to me. In fact, having siblings near my age (like Jill) is completely new to me as well. It has taken time, but since we have been back from Georgia I am starting to get in the swing of having extended family. And, I like it.

Myself, Ashely, Kiley, and Danielle
Kiley and Danielle are sisters and Ashley is their sister-in-law. They are Mike's brother's children.
So the day was beautiful and I found myself feeling thankful that Mitch has such a great family. Don't get me wrong, sometime's I think they are a little crazy (who doesn't think their in-laws can be crazy?), but I am grateful that they have unconditionally welcomed me into their family with open arms. 


  1. What a beautiful place for a wedding, and what a beautiful temple. You're one up on us. We've never been there.

  2. We love you too:] yes we shepherd are CRAZY!!! So glad you guys are home from Georgia we missed you:]