Cassie Shepherd

August 11, 2012

Free To Be

Deborah and Me
When I was dating Mitch, I flew out to see him in California only four weeks after he moved. We weren't even exclusive. Sitting on the plane, I thought to myself, "You are absolutely crazy! You don't even know if this is going anywhere!"

This memory surfaced a few weeks ago while I was traveling to a Health Convention in DC. To be honest, I felt a little crazy hopping on a plane and flying across the US for this event. I've never traveled for "business." It seemed a little surreal. It was almost like hitting a milestone in my life.

I have 126 days left as a college student, but who is counting? Even though this whole health coaching thing practically came out of the blue, I am thoroughly enjoying it. Between coaching and nannying, we are now making enough money to live fairly comfortable (at least compared to where we have been). And you know what is the BEST part about all of this? 

I don't have to….
Sit at a desk
Punch a time clock
Take forced lunch breaks
Wake up early
Have limited amount of vacation and sick days
Wear a uniform
Answer to a mean boss

Instead I am free to…
Play with little kids and go shopping
Satisfy my "baby-fix" without having to have my own children
Be surrounded by inspirational and successful people
Help people save their lives
Have a boss that is my friend at the same time
"Work" while I am at a water park
Travel with my friends for "business"
Be more independent
Share an interest with my husband
Sleep in
Finish my bachelor's degree
Be social and call it "work"

I don't even know if you can call what I do "work", can you? 
Work is defined as "exertion or labor that is expended." 

I guess what I am trying to say is that I really love where I am at right now. There is definitely some effort that is put into what I do and there are definitely days where the kids drive me nuts. But, really, I love what I am doing and I love that I can be free to do as I please. I am grateful that the opportunities have been laid out for us and especially grateful that the Lord guided me to Deborah and her family. I feel like my education has allowed me to prosper in my fields and contribute to my happiness. As much as I love learning, I am glad that I'll be done and over with my degree in few short months. Hallelujah!

Meanwhile, we have lots in store the next few months! 
Between now and mid-October Mitch and I are:
Going on two Harley rides
Camping at Fish Lake
Going to Savannah (just Mitch on this one)
Spending a week in San Francisco
Seeing Les Miserables in Cedar City

Needless to say, I love being back in Utah.

I am off track here. Back to my health convention. Bottom line is that it was AMAZING. I met some many incredible people and have a new found appreciation for like-minded people. 

There are so many great people with amazing stories that I met but, Aubrey was one of the few that really stood out to me. Her father died from a heart attack when he was just 60 years old (of course I relate because of my dad's heart attack). However, he was dangerously overweight. Aubrey was with him and was giving him CPR when he passed away in her arms. She too was overweight and found inspiration in not wanting the same thing to happen to her. So, she contacted Deborah (I believe they had been friends in High School) and started the program. 
She is down 124 lbs in nine months and still going strong. Incredible and inspiring huh?

I have to mention, we stayed at the Gaylord Hotel and it was pretty darn impressive. 

This is the view from the outside and the inside. 
So, when you feel like you're doing something a little crazy, just remember really good things can come from it! Actually, aside from the crazy talk I have to give credit where credit is due. 

This really dwindles down to spiritual promptings I've received. When I was dating Mitch, even though I felt a little crazy flying out to see him, in my heart I felt reassured that it was a path I should explore. And likewise with health coaching…and moving to Utah…and living in Springville…and changing jobs…and working with the Olsens…and the list goes on and on. Our Father in Heaven has been watching over us and I have faith that He will continue to guide us. He knows our strengths and even though I hadn't fully anticipated this path, I know that He is placing us where He needs us. 

So, "Thy will be done."

Tina, Heather, Deborah, Leann, Me, and Aubrey


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  2. That is so awesome that you have found something you truly love! It sounds like you're great at it too. And congratulations on almost being done with school!

  3. FYI - Scott Lofgren Smith is my husband and he didn't really comment. He was logged in on my computer and I forgot and commented as him. Sorry!

    1. Haha, I figured. No worries :)
      And thank you for the congratulations! I can't wait!!!!

  4. I'm so happy for you! And excited I get to join you sometime soon ;) AND, jealous about Les Mis! One day Charles and I hope to see it on Broadway in NYC. And, again I wish you were coming with Mitch. Miss you!

    1. I never saw Les Mis in NYC, but I have seen the broadway tour when they are in Utah. But, still, you can't beat NYC!
      Miss you too :)