Cassie Shepherd

August 30, 2012

Summers Past

As August comes to an end I am happy to report that we had an incredible first Utah summer together. When I realized it was our first summer in Utah together I got to reminiscing...

Summer 2008
Mitch and I met in January of 2008. That summer he moved to Costa Mesa, California. I flew down to see him four times. 
We lounged at the pool, watched 4th of July fireworks on Huntington Beach, exhausted ourselves at Disneyland, visited the Newport and San Diego Temples, rode mini trucks, and camped at Big Bear Lake. 
I can't decided which summer was the "best" summer, but this was probably one of the best summers I've had in my lifetime. Even though we spent the majority of it apart, when I wasn't in California we would spend hours talking on the phone. 
It was an exciting time. June 6th was a monumental day as we became "exclusive" and it was pretty much history from there.

Summer 2009
Okay, this was a pretty good summer too. The whole getting married part was a big deal. And, probably contributes to why Summer 2009 had to be the best summer. It is hard to say any summer was better than being newly weds and traveling all over the west coast. We lived by Redding, California for a short time and then moved to Eureka, Oregon for the rest of the summer. Thank goodness our time in Eureka was short. We lived in an awful place. I specifically remember not taking a picture of our house because I did not want to remember it. Just wanted to remember the good times…

We kaiked Lake Oroville in California, dined on the Pacific Ocean in Trinidad, Oregon, got lost in the Redwood Forest, visited the Medford, Sacramento and Oakland Temples, saw funny Jelly Bean sculptures at the Jelly Belly Factory, hiked to Crater Lake and toured Pier 49 in San Francisco.

Summer 2010
Again, another summer in Oregon. We lived in Salem. We didn't do as much traveling, but we did spend a lot of time in the Portland area. This was the summer we found out we were moving to Georgia. Once Mitch found out he had been accepted to grad school, it became harder for him to sell and so he came home a few weeks early to spend time with family.

We visited the Evergreen Aviation Museum, Multnomah Falls, downtown Portland and the surrounding area, Mt. Hood, and the Portland Temple. Once back in Utah we got a quick trip in to St. George to see a show at the Tuachan and hike to some hieroglyphics.

Summer 2011
I think our entire time in Savannah felt like summer. It was always so warm. We traveled a lot while we were in Georgia, but not necessarily in the summer months. It was actually really too hot to do much. 

We did make it up to see Atlanta and visited Pemberton Place and the Coke Factory while we there. We also went to Ikea and Costco and thought it was just about the best thing ever (Savannah doesn't have much). 
When Chelsie and Angela came to visit us we did the usual River Street tour, ate beignets at Hueys and stuffed ourselves with pralines. We took a trip up to Charleston and visited Tybee's beaches. Mitchell and I went to a local Sandnats baseball game. Other than that the summer was pretty laid back while Mitch slaved away to his schoolwork. 

And that leads us up to this summer, which was our first summer in Utah together! Technically we spent half the summer in other states, but thats okay…

Together we visited Yellowstone, Jackson, the Tetons, Fish Lake, Strawberry Reservoir on the Harleys, St. George, Logan, Zion, and we even saw a Zebra in Scipio!
Also, Mitch went to Savannah and I went to DC.

And the great thing is…our "summer" isn't over! We have lots of traveling coming up in September and October. :)


  1. Gosh, I think you've traveled more since you met Mitch than Dad and I have traveled in the 49 years (tomorrow) that we've been married! Way to go! How are you ever going to settle down when the time comes? Actually, you won't have to - just put the babies on your back and keep going. Fun times. :o)

  2. That's so awesome that you guys have been able to experience life in so many places! I think it would be fun to live outside of Utah for at least a little while. I'm glad you guys are doing well!