Cassie Shepherd

September 3, 2012

Hitched Up Cavi

When we road trip it would sure be nice to drive in a luxurious SUV. 
Aw, I can just see it now… the heated leather seats, power windows, a sun roof - maybe two, and a navigation system that can turn into a DVD player….
And at every gas station we would be happy to fill up our 35 gallon hauler. $75 in gas isn't all that much anyway.

But, wait, I am pretty sure if we had that kind of car we wouldn't be going on a road trip. First, we would have to work overtime just to pay the darn thing off. Well, that isn't entirely true, we could afford one of these fancy cars, but we just aren't that frivolous. But, secondly, I don't think we would ever road trip if we had to spend $400 in gas every time we decided to go over 100 miles away from home! 

So, instead, we drive a Caviler. With old fashioned hand maneuvered locks and windows. We haven't even bothered to tint the windows. No, there is no iPod hook up. We are happy to have a CD player. But, what is so special about how little car is that it gas only costs $1.38 a gallon versus $3.75. And, yes, we can still drive on regular fuel if we need to. And, yes, we can go everywhere you can go and probably further.

So, to accomodate our travel needs Mitchell decided to add a hitch onto our lil' Cavi.
For us, it is "the works." 
We are happy to say that we are now free to travel cheaper which = more traveling!

So, over Labor Day weekend Cavi took us a strong 900 miles. 

First stop was in Cedar City where we broke all healthy eating rules and chowed down on some local Mexican food. It probably wasn't worth it, but I like to pretend it was.

That night we slept by Brian Head. We set up camp at 1:00 AM. It poured. But we didn't get wet. Our nifty tent kept us warm and dry. In fact, we were too warm.

The next morning we headed toward Bryce. On the way we stopped at this cool place - but I can't remember what it is called! If you know, please help me out!

Then stopped by Bryce…

From Bryce we went through the Grand Stair Case. We hiked at Calf Creek, saw some cute little hut houses, and then took the Burr Trail from Boulder to Bull Frog. Burr Trail was definitely the highlight of the trip (upper right hand corner). If we had to chose, we would absolutely do that trail over any of the National Parks. It took about three hours and was the prettiest of all the trails.

Second night we camped in Lake Powell. Of course, it is hard to beat Powell...

We also went to Natural Bridges and saw some Anasazi ruins. Their homes were built up inside the side of the canyons. It was pretty neat. 

We ended the trip going through Moab and seeing Arches. I don't know how I've grown up in Utah and never been to Arches. Next to the Burr Trial, Arches is one of my new favorite places! It poured while we were there so the sky was really pretty against the red rock. We didn't go all the way into "the" arch because of the weather (and it was getting dark), but it gives us a good excuse to go back.

We drove home Sunday night so we actually did the whole trip in three days….not too shabby!

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