Cassie Shepherd

October 15, 2012

3000 Miles Later

My last post was over a month ago. In fact, before that it might have been even longer, but I cheated and went back and added some of those half written posts I got around to finishing. It is now the middle of October and in that last month Mitch and I have traveled well over 3000 miles. This is not including our 900 mile trip to Southern Utah over Labor Day. So, in all efforts to catch up on blogging, I am shooting for blogging about our trips over the next week.

Mitch spent a week in Savannah last month, but there is nothing to show and nothing exciting to report about that. He got home Friday and we left Monday for California. Monday evening we spent the night in Las Vegas. Can't visit Vegas without doing a quick walk down the Strip. This is only the 100th time we've seen this and probably the third time I am blogging about it. To some people, Vegas is a big deal. For us, it is old news probably because it is so close to home. However, I'd rather go to St. George any day and that is even closer. Alas, Vegas is Vegas and it isn't a complete trip without the Bellagio and a little bit of Paris.

We stayed with Mitch's Aunt Tauna's house. She lives in one of those "I'd die to live here" kind of places. Her windows have metal blinds that close from the outside and block all the light out. It is that cool. She had one of her children's friends staying with them, Amanda. She is from Paris, served a mission in DC and was living in Nevada to finalize her divorce. It happened to be one of her last few days at Taunas. Ironically, by chance, her divorce was finalized the day we got there which also happened to be her one year anniversary. Super sad story for another day. Anyway, so we invited Amanda out to walk the strip with us and had a blast getting to know her. I realized this was one of my favorite parts about traveling…meeting people and hearing their story. Since, Amanda has moved to Provo and we've kept in touch. It made our stop in Vegas so much better and I am really glad we made a new friend along the way.

The next morning we headed to LA. We stayed the evening in Upland with some of Mitch's cousins. I thought I had never met them, but turns out I had! It was fun to catch up. That evening Mitchell and I drove into Huntington Beach. Upon recommendation of his cousins we ate at Chronic Tacos. Wow, best tacos I have ever had! I craved their tacos the rest of the trip, but we couldn't find another location. It must be just a local treat. I think I'd drive all the way there again just for the tacos.

We reminisced about the time Mitch lived in Costa Mesa. We drove by some of the places we hung out four summers ago and ate dinner on the beach. It was pretty much a perfect night.


  1. It's funny; I was just thinking of you the other day and wondered if you were still keeping your "In love and we know it" journal/blog. I hadn't heard lately and thought you were just waaaay to busy to keep it up. I was wrong. I'm so glad you're still writing like you do. You'll always treasure these great times and will love looking back on them some day. I love it that you send me a copy also! It's fun for me to read all about what is going on in your life - beyond our phone calls. Enjoy - Enjoy - Enjoy! I love you. Mom

  2. Hey! I found your blog!! I know you linked onto mine once but now that I have yours that makes us official blogging buddies ;)