Cassie Shepherd

October 28, 2012

Big Rock & Elephant Seals

When Mitch and I did our first self-navigating trip to NYC a few years ago, I planned everything down to the last millisecond. I didn't want to miss a single attraction. That is not how it is anymore. 
To some extent we try to plan, but for the most part we just go. And that is something I love that Mitch has done for our relationship. He has taught me to be just a little bit more laid back and free spirited. Which, is a little ironic because Mitch is…well….I am not sure how to describe it…I always say he has to have his "ducks in a row." Anyone who really knows us knows that I am a little more spontaneous than he is. But somehow it all come together.

Anyway, we never planned to stop and see this big rock, but there it was all the sudden. And, apparently it is supposed to be a tourist attraction…I guess! Looks like just a big rock to me. I am not sure what is so special about it :)

And we also found some seals along the way! These specific type are called elephant seals. They are huge and really loud. 

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  1. Nice seals, and loved the BIG ROCK. :o)