Cassie Shepherd

October 31, 2012

Dr. Anderson

Dr. Wayne Anderson is the author of the Habits of Health book. It is the book that we use, in conjunction with the companion guide to help people change their long-term health habits. When Mitch first started reading the book, we got like two pages into it and was like, "This is great! This is exactly what I've been taught in school. Everyone should live by what this guy is talking about."
Basically Mitch had been telling me we need to follow the habits Dr. A outlines for like two years, but it wasn't until I read this book that I really started listening. Everyone comes on their own time. Anyway, Dr. A was sincerely one of the nicest people we've met. I told him what Mitch said about his book and he seemed really pleased. He even asked us to e-mail him about it. He just seems like a really great guy who cares a lot. I guess that is probably why he left his practice to follow this dream.

So, meeting Dr. A and attending our health convention was what really brought us to San Francisco. We just had a lot of fun along the way. The convention was so much fun. We met so many doctors and coaches that gave us some great insight to the field. Mitch even met a doctor from Provo who coaches (out of like 1000 people - go figure!) and he asked Mitch to come in because they're looking for a PA. So, Mitch has talked to him and will probably check out his office in the near future. 

The convention lasted all day Friday and Saturday. We left Saturday evening at 5:00 PM and drove straight home to Springville. I couldn't even believe Mitch could last that long driving. We got into our house around 8:00 AM. And, then we slept all day Sunday. Obviously we were really really really tired.

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