Cassie Shepherd

October 26, 2012

Santa Monica

If I had to chose any area in California to live, I'd probably live on the outskirts of Santa Monica. We've visited a good majority of the beaches from San Diego to Eureka and this was my favorite. It was easy to picture myself running along the coast every morning. Sure beats chilly Utah!

Santa Monica Pier is filled with beach gym rats…Is that the right term? Instead of just gym rats - there are a good handful of people who work out at the beach? Anyway, it was fun playing around on the beach gym. 

Route 66 starts in Chicago. The last stop is right there in Santa Monica! When we were moving to GA we were on Route 66 in Texas. Now that I've gone back and look up the Route, I am making a goal to hit the other popular towns on Route 66. Mitch and I travel enough I think it would be pretty easy. We just need to hit the central States!

After we left Santa Monica we stayed in Van Nuys. Mitch had a mission companion, Scott Hernandez, who offered to let us stay with him and his wife Melanie. We made lots of new friends on the trip!
The picture below is the morning after we stayed in Van Nuys. Looking right over the PCH!

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