Cassie Shepherd

October 25, 2012

That's Where I'm Headed To...

Beverly Hills. 
Lavish, elaborate, and luxurious…

Cavi fits right in huh?
This is where we spent the night…
…in our dreams
Did a little shopping on Rodeo…
Nope, didn't buy anything
From a far, I noticed this tall building with a gold statue on top. Another fancy building, I thought.
Didn't even cross my mind that it was a Temple, but all of the sudden, there it was.
A pleasant surprise!

PS - We saw THE Hollywood sign. Why we didn't get a picture would result in a three page explanation that results in Mitch and I not talking for 15 minutes. 
So, to savor the negativity we can say we were there and that is that.


  1. 'Loved the pictures! I hope you resolved the "Hollywood sign" moment... :o)

  2. That's the first temple I ever went to do baptisms in. :) It's funny how it's right in the middle of a huge city, and then there's a huge green lawn that appears our of nowhere. Looks like a fun trip!