Cassie Shepherd

November 19, 2012

Every Single Week

The snow is here!

My November 19th resolution is to post every single week. If you look back at this post I said I was going to bring a month of attempted blog posts up to date in one week. Well, I just finished two months worth of posts. I confess I went backed and made it look like I posted them that week, but don't be fooled. It is important to me to post about the past, even when I miss things, because this is the only type of record keeping I have right now. This is my informal journal.

Alas, I am caught up. And now I will post every week! Maybe. ;)

My last 100…I least 20 posts (it feels like 100) have been about our travels. Since April we have put 27,000 miles on just one of our cars. Not to mention I spent a week in DC and Mitch has been back to Savannah twice. 

For now, we are settled. Aside from Mitch's trips to Savannah, we don't have any plans to travel until February. I don't think we will last that long. I have a hard time staying put. But, our business has picked up and it seems like if we aren't doing something fun on the weekends with family or coach stuff, we have to catch up on school!

Sometimes I forget I am still a student! In August I had my Last First Day of School. I started this semester with five courses - 15 credits. Somehow in the middle of all of our traveling I managed to complete 2 courses already. Each course I finished in four weeks. I started and finished by natural disasters course in September and started and finished my Infant Development class in October. 
Now, I am four weeks short of graduating!! Wow!

Again, somewhere in the chaos of these last few months I quit my job as a nanny. It is a breath of fresh air to be able to do what I want when I want. Even though I quit at the end of September, I am still trying to get used to the fact I don't HAVE to be somewhere and my schedule doesn't HAVE to revolve around someone else. Now, I can cater to Mitch's schedule. When he has a week off, I don't have to stress about trying to get the same week off or sit at a job while he gets to go out and play. 
It is a really good feeling!

Our coaching business has gone really well. In fact, I think we are almost shocked at how well it has gone. Don't get me wrong, we've absolutely believed in it from the beginning, but I guess we just thought it would be something that might take a few years to build up - not a couple of months. I am easily bringing in more than I was as a nanny and if things continue to go well, we anticipate our income to double by early next spring. And, no that doesn't include when Mitch starts working. We figure we are going to jump from living on the poverty line to over a six figure income by this summer. It is a little mind boggling. And, the best part is - I LOVE it. It is such a rewarding job. I've always loved working in education. This is just a little different subject. I really never thought I could see myself going this way, but it has turned out to be much more than I expected - in every aspect.

We have a very structured plan set in place to pay off all our student loans by next Christmas. I think it will be very doable. In fact, just a few weeks ago we paid off a 1/3 of the loans. Then, we are going to save to build a house. And, somewhere in all of this I promise we are thinking about having kids. At this point we are basically waiting until Mitch has a job where so we can be covered by his insurance. 

For now, we are going to stay in the house we live in for at least another year. This is all assuming Mitch takes a job in Utah county. He has four offers here and one in Salt Lake, but I think we are leaning toward staying in this part of town. The furthest north we will go is probably Lehi. And, I don't think I want to go any further south than Springville. 

On a side note I found out I'll be teaching some courses this next year at some local libraries. The Pleasant Grove library is set in stone and I am waiting to hear back from a number of other ones. I'll be teaching habits and nutrition courses once a month. It should be lots of fun and some great experience! 

Another big change in all of this is that my parent's house is finished and they are moved in! I already feel like their new house is our house. Everything feels the same - same furniture and same people, just a little different layout. I love it! And, I am enjoying that they are much closer to us. We've been able to visit them a lot more. We are going to have our first Thanksgiving dinner there this Thursday! I can't wait! 

Mitch is in his sixth rotation and loves it! It is another family practice. He is a lot like the doctor and the other PA he works with. He not only enjoys the medicine, but he enjoys having fun with the staff. He'll be finished with this place by mid December. He'll go back to Savannah for a few days and then we will have a nice long Christmas break. And then three months later and he'll be graduated! 2013 is going to be a good year!!!

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  1. I love reading all your posts! My dear Cassie, I love you the most. You and Mitch seem so happy, and that makes me happy. :o)