Cassie Shepherd

November 3, 2012

October Highlights

Now that I am caught up with our September trips, I can condense 31 days into one post.
Yeah, I know I am a month behind. 

The first weekend in October we were camping in the Uintah Mountains with my dad and brother, Bob. Mitch and I slept in our Jeep and they had the Taj Mahal of tents. I know it is a shocker, but we actually didn't get any pictures! In our California trip we took 315 pictures! No wonder it took me so long to blog about it.

The second weekend in October we went down to Cedar City to see Les Miserable at the Utah Shakespeare Festival with our good friends Jared and Julie Zonts. It was definitely one of the BEST performances that I have ever seen! 

The third weekend in October we went on the deer hunt at Fish Lake AND to Moab. It was a little crazy. We spent Wednesday night in Fish Lake. Drove to Moab on Thursday night. Spent Thursday night in Moab and drove back to Fish Lake Friday night. And spent Friday and Saturday night at the lake so Mitch could hunt on Saturday. And it isn't like Fish Lake and Moab are right next to each other - they are a good three hours apart. Yep, it was nuts, but it was fun!

Fish Lake
James and Brayton

I can't stay away from the red rock...

I was not a huge fan of the Unimog. It absolutely looked cool, but it was a beast to ride in. I loved the Rhino though! Perfect size for me!

We did a little hiking and found some great photo places :) 

The last weekend in October was the first weekend in 8 weeks that we were home! I felt like we had one long extended summer!

Sometime during the month we had a health coach gathering at Sundance. So fun to hang out with some other coaches and get to know each other.

Lisa (my sister) and I
Liz, Adrienne, Amber, Shamara, Lisa, Me, Kim, and Amanda
And to top the month off…

Mitch was a cowboy doctor for Halloween

we had our first snow storm since we've been back from Georgia!

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