Cassie Shepherd

January 29, 2013

One Line Updates

So much for posting every week.

Since November:

-Mitch completed his 6th rotation in Family Medicine
-I graduated college
-We went to Arizona
-We saw Alfie Boe (and met him) at the Mo-Tab Christmas Concert
-Mitch went to Savannah
-I saw Les Miserables 3 times including 2 really awesome pre-screenings
-Mitch turned 27
-Christmas came and went
-My sister and her family from Texas came and went
-I got a new job
-My uncle passed away
-The New Year came
-Mitch started rotation 7 in the Emergency Room
-Mitch photographed a wedding

It'd be really cool to post pictures of most or all of these events, but that won't happen because something has happened with Aperture and my ability to upload pictures. That is a task on Mitch's list.

It'd also be really cool if I expanded on all of these happenings, but when I think of doing that I get too overwhelmed and then I don't want to blog. And, so I don't. And, then it builds up and it becomes a vicious cycle.

So, I've settled for one line updates for now and that is that.

Consider yourself lucky if I post again this month :)


  1. You sound like me. That was a busy, busy, busy time! Whew!

  2. I'm totally the same way about blogging sometimes. It sounds like you've been having fun though!