Cassie Shepherd

August 21, 2013

The Nursery

Most Moms of Multiples will tell you to be ready for your babies by 30 weeks. Knowing there was a higher likelihood of going into pre-term labor or experiencing the dreaded NICU time, we heeded this advice and started preparing early in my first trimester. Even though I'm almost in the clear for pre-term labor and we will probably be able to avoid NICU time, I'm sure glad we listened. I couldn't imagine just starting to work on all our projects!

The nursery was previously our guest bedroom. We have one bedroom upstairs and two in the basement. The girls will stay in our room until they're sleeping through the night, but, nonetheless, their room will be ready when the time comes.

PB Kids
This was my inspiration for the room. Whether we were having boys or girls, I knew from the beginning these were the colors I was going to use. And, the wayne's coating was an absolute must. In a lot of these pictures the walls look tan, but they're really gray, I promise :)

Decorating the nursery took the longest. I could've done it in a week if I wanted to spend an arm and leg. But, since we had five months to figure it out, that was a little hard to justify doing. So, I did it in pieces and saved us lots of money in the mean time.

We started with the furniture. Between Amazon, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, and Target - I watched sales on a daily basis. And, of course, my hard work paid off.

 This was probably our best deal. We got all three on sale for $450 - regularly it would've cost us over $1100. Last Spring, the manufacture had a 50% off deal when you bought three pieces of their furniture. This was absolutely ideal for us considering we needed two cribs! We bought them through Babies R Us because they offered us an additional 10% multiples discount. So, it was a killer deal. We switched out the white plastic knobs for brushed nickel knobs to make it look a little nicer.

I should also say these cribs look like there are no screw holes - that is NOT the case. The pictures on-line show clean cut wood which was important to me. I'm just OCD. But, never fear, I covered all our holes with white tab circles. They're perfect and I bet you never would've known!

I wanted this: 

But at $560 and pink, I couldn't justify it. So, I made my own for $50.

Organic Crib Sheets:

Finding a matching yellow crib sheet was probably THE hardest part of the whole room. Pastel yellows are easy to come by, but bright yellow, forget it. I bought a few off Amazon and sent them right back. Finally, I found some, but of course, I had to over pay for them. They were $30 each, but a nice little bonus was that they were organic.
I'll have basic cheap white sheets for back up. I shouldn't complain too much though - we did get both  complete sets of bedding for about $100. We're not doing bumper sheets.
We got our all natural 2-in-1 mattresses for $110. One side is for babies - the other side is for when we convert the cribs into their toddler beds.

In my humble opinion, the rest of the room came together real nicely.

White and gray rug:
 I didn't even realize until I was posting these pictures that our rug is nearly identical to the rug at Pottery Barn in my inspiration picture. Orginally I was actually looking for a white and yellow rug, but after way too much stewing, I went with the $20 IKEA rug which turned out to be quite perfect!

I actually attempted to make this, but got lazy and decided I was sick of sewing everything. So, I bought it - $30 on Etsy. Shipping took for-ev-er!
IKEA - Shade was $15 and base was $10
This was another item I searched high and low for. Curtains are pricy. I settled on the discounted Wal-Mart brand simply because they looked nearly exactly to $100 ones at Macey's, but only cost me $15.
Again, why pay $50 for one of these when you can buy one for $8 at Wal-Mart?

Hairband board:
I bought all of the supplies at Hobby Lobby. The board is a framed cork board covered in fabric. I'd be lying if I said I did this by myself - Mitch had a huge part to play in it's creation.

White picture frames: 
Do you know how hard it is to find cheap white picture frames? I couldn't find them cheaper than $20 a frame! So, of course Mitch had the brilliant idea of buying the cheap black $5 frames at Wal-Mart and paint spraying them white. And, I'm not talking about a can of spray paint by the way - they were painted with Mitch's air compressor and actual sprayer (the kind you pour paint into.) What would I do without him? I'm so glad I bought him the air compressor for Christmas…I'm reaping the benefits! Anyway, this allowed us to match the walls perfectly. Again, I have to say they turned out perfect!

LOVE sign:
This was our splurge at $300. Ha, just kidding. Could it pass for a $300 piece? I debated what to do with this wall for well over four weeks. The rest of the room was done, but I couldn't figure out what to put up. Mitch was actually the one to come up with this idea. He was searching for ideas on-line, probably sick of hearing me complain about the stupid wall, and came across this inspiration picture:

Shanty 2 Chic
So, we tweaked it to match the room, added our own flare, and Mitch went to work with his $50 worth of materials. He did it all by himself. Well, mostly. I did help with the Cricut lettering and the documenting of the project, of course.

And, thats it! We were completely done by week 33. Phew...

 It's 100% ready for these little girls!

I am so pleased with the final turn out and I have to give Mitchell most of the credit. Yes, we worked together to come up with what we wanted, but really, without him it never would've happened! Not only did he re-model and re-paint the room (with the help of my great dad and father-in-law) - he also assembled all the furniture and put in countless hours on all the decor I wanted. He is truly amazing! I am so thankful for all his hard work and to know I can always count on him to help me. He's going to make one sweet father!


  1. It is beautiful, you both did a wonderful job. Such lucky little girls!!!

  2. So fun. Love the colors. Now you need a beautiful rocking chair in there to match.

    1. Definitely! Our rocking chair is actually upstairs in our bedroom right now. When the babies move downstairs, we'll move the chair right outside the door so if I need to be outside the room with one - I can. The chair is big and comfy. I have a feeling I'll be in it a lot over the next few months :)

  3. That room is adorable! You guys did a great job!

  4. What a cheerful, comforting, room. You make a great team! These girls have amazing lives ahead of them with the two of you as their parents! Love ya :)

    1. Aw, thanks Lu. What a nice compliment. Hopefully the girls feel the same way ;-) Love you too!

  5. You certainly have a talent for interior design Cas (among many other things)! How blessed these girls are to have you as their Mom (and Mitch as their Dad, of course to make them fun stuff like this). I'm so excited for you!