Cassie Shepherd

August 22, 2013

When You're On House Rest...

Three weeks ago I was admitted to labor and delivery after a non-stress test for pre-term labor. Fortunately all was well and I could keep these babies cooking a little longer. However, since, I've been  on "house arrest." This week, my 35th week, my OB said he didn't think I'd make it another full week. I'm dilated to a three, 90% effaced, and the babies have dropped. I'm a perfect candidate for a vaginal delivery. Baby A is head down (she is closest to my cervix) and Baby B is transverse, but no one seems to worry. The doctor said he can feel Baby A's head really well. And, we saw hair on Baby B on this week's ultrasound! Exciting!

I have the go ahead to start moving around and get this show on the road. I keep thinking my body is going to clam up and hold these babies in for another two weeks. If I make it into the first week of September, I'll have to be induced and we're really hoping to avoid that. Plus, admittedly, my body is so so so ready to not be pregnant anymore! And, I can't wait to meet these little girls. There is a side of me that is really nervous - deathly nervous - but then there is a combative side that is really excited - it is like I could wake up any day and it is going to be Christmas! It reminds me a lot of how I felt the week before I got married.

Anyway, a few thoughts I've had while being on house rest…

1. You blog more - three times in a month - let alone twice in one week - is some kind of new kind of record for me. I'm sure this new streak won't last once the babies are here.

2. You create reassuring pregnancy pictures to remind yourself it is normal to feel huge, because you are! I've learned a whole new sympathy for pregnant women. But, my sympathy for you decreases just a little bit when I'm 35 weeks and measuring as if I had one baby at 47 weeks. To the mama's with one baby - think twice before complaining at 38 weeks please. I hope there isn't a false assumption my singleton pregnancies will be a breeze!

3. You decide you're going to campaign for all stores to have "expectant mother parking."

As a side note (which you can forget once you've read it): I've done what every health coach tells their clients NOT to do -- circle the parking lot until they find the closest parking slot possible. Did I mention one day I needed to visit stores on opposite sides of the mall? So, what did I do? I parked and visited one side. Then came back to my car and drove to the other side. It is a little depressing to think seven months ago I was training for a marathon…

4. You sneak away to get lunch. One day, Fresh Costa Vida tacos were calling my name. I figured a five minute drive to the next city over wouldn't hurt anything. I'd even take the smooth roads. Well, you should've seen Mitch's face when he overheard me on the phone telling a friend my contractions started again within about three minutes of being in the car. I got off the phone and he said, "I'm dissembling the Jeep." He wasn't very happy. And to his credit, whenever I get in the car, my contractions start - 10/10 times. At first I wasn't so sure, but I can definitely confirm that now. Gotta do what is best for the babies!

5. You visit your babies' nursery multiple times a day. Sometimes I lay on the floor and think, yes! It is done! We're really ready for them to come.

6. You notice things like one foot is more swollen than the other. Skinny foot, big foot. I had a lot of swelling in my right leg/foot just from however the babies have been positioned. I've started to keep it elevated for a few hours a day and it's helped keep the swelling under control.

7. You make long to-do lists. AKA "nesting" projects. At 31 weeks, I went from feeling totally prepared to I have 100 things left to do! And, I didn't stop with me. Mitch all of the sudden had these long to-do lists too. Hopefully, he's learned to forgive my nagging. I can blame it on instinct.

8. You ignore the laundry. Knowing how uncomfortable it is to bend over to take it out of the machines, I've just started leaving it right where it is and encouraging Mitch to help out. This is a HUGE first for me.

9. You can't wait until your next doctor appointment. Yay! I get to leave the house! These visits are the highlight on my week. I get to see my little girls and hear their heartbeats every week - sometimes three times a week!

10. Your credit card bill starts to add up because Amazon is your new best friend. I've found myself looking forward to brown packages all week long!

A few others things...I'm grateful to be able to work from home! Sometimes coaching keeps me busy, but my eLearning job has probably saved my sanity. They've given me a lot of hours since being on house rest. And, I really do enjoy both jobs! I'm determined to keep them both going.

I love my on-line support groups and the women I've met through the Utah Valley Mothers of Multiples club. I mean I REALLY love love love them. The support/advice I've gotten from these women, some I've never even met, has been a life saver. In one group, it is just a bunch of us who are due with twins in September - we've had a lot of ladies starting to give birth and it is so fun to see all these twins being born.

I'm also happy to have such a wonderful family who stop by to keep my entertained. My parents drive down regularly to bring me lunch and it is always something I look forward to. My sister stopped by one day just to give me a foot massage and paint my toe nails. Since I only have two shirts and one pair of capris that fit, my cute sister-in-law brought me over a bunch of her large maternity t-shirts. Ah! It feels so good to have clothes that fit right (or about as close as you can get). My mother-in-law has been donating her time to help me keep the house clean. I tell ya, being OCD about being clean and then being able to actually have a clean house when you feel so "blah" is a-ma-zing!

Members from our church are also starting to bring by frozen meals to utilize later down the road. If there is one area I don't like being "domestic" about - it is probably preparing meals. So, these meals mean the world to me. One less thing to think about in the coming months.

I've usually been on the giving end of things and until now, I humbly say, I never realized how much it means to know people are thinking about you. We've received many thoughtful gifts and I've also learned to appreciate when anyone just calls to say hi, how're you doing. It goes a long way.

We'll see how this next week goes. But, I am thinking my next post will probably be the birth story. I can't believe I've made it this far.


  1. You are amazing! I can't wait to hear that your sweet girls are here!

  2. Super exciting, Cassie! Hang in there. They'll be here before you know it. I hope all goes well with the delivery for you and the babies. Keep me posted, and let me know if you need anything in the meantime. I'll keep you in my prayers!

    1. Thanks so much Kiara. You are sweet to be so willing to help! I appreciate it :)

  3. Love this post! You are going to be a great mommy soon we will reading blogs an be on facebook at wee hours in the morning becsuse the baby(s) will not sleep but wonderful moments all the same. Can't wait to meet your girls! Denise

    1. Denise, yes, I'll be joining the midnight mom's club -- up all night with kids here shortly -- catching up on Facebook and blogging. I'll just look at is as social time 24/7 :)

  4. There you go Cassie, I find myself catching up in the middle of the night as well, and then sometimes falling asleep while catching up, LOL