Cassie Shepherd

October 23, 2015


I haven't really blogged in so long. It is something on my to-do list I keep putting on the back burner. Kids. House. Work. While I am not complaining and really enjoy all these areas - they consume my prioritized time and constantly leak into my me time. We've had a crazy few months. A lot of changes and a lot of stress. So, in the middle of it all, I've found a yearning to slow down, enjoy the craziness, and return to some of my favorite pastimes. Blogging is amongst these and so here I am with another post stating I am going to be more consistent keeping up with my personal blog. Because I need it right now. I'm craving the outlet.

 Over the next few weeks I'd love to get out some progress posts on our house. Show some flashbacks and current updates because I think I need to see the progress more than anyone. I am burnt out, but, alas it is coming together and simplifying over these last few weeks has really helped me enjoy this whole process a little more. Once upon a time I had dreamed to blog the whole house project. And, here we are 15 months into the process and I haven't written a single word about it. I guess I could somewhat take that statement back because I have documented some of the process on social media sites, but I wish I had been more diligent in making it a priority.

I could also fill every post with my girls, because, of course, they rule my world. Even on the days we stay at the house all day, there is always something they say or do that I either laugh or cry hysterically about and I don't want to forget these days. Even those moments where I am exhausted and feel alone because, I'm learning, that those are the moments I'm growing the most. I really really love being a mom.

So bare with me as I try to ramble on and catch up about the good and the bad more difficult parts of my life.

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