Cassie Shepherd

November 30, 2015

An Update on Emily

It's been about four weeks since we got Emily's glasses. Getting her to wear them is a headache. We've made progress from a mere half of a second to about 45 minutes at a time. Sometimes she'll wear them for two long stretches throughout the day, but not much more than that. I've seen her lazy eye, even with them on. But, I've also seen it correct itself. I'm not sure what to think at this point. When her glasses are off, her lazy eye almost looks worse than it did before the surgery. So far so good with Addie. Our next follow up appointment is Dec. 7th.

Regarding Emily's mystery health concerns, she hasn't magically responded to her albuterol treatments. We can only give them at night when she is sleeping and I managed to get one dose in during an afternoon nap. She'll just scream hysterically if we try during the day while she is awake. So, that option is out. Screaming just makes her puke. Every time.

We visited the cardiologist last week and her heart checked out great. Which is good news. He did do another x-ray and her lungs are hyperinflated. He was most concerned about her slow weight gain, but he wasn't sure what else could be done at this point so he referred us to a pediatric pulmonologist. We're waiting to hear back about when they can get us in. If I were to guess, we're probably heading down a path that leads to a diagnosis of asthma. We'll probably need to figure out how to give her better breathing treatments and perhaps a different steroid. Time will tell.

This picture is funny because when we first got Emily's glasses, she wouldn't wear them, but Addie would. So, this is Addie in Emily's glasses. Since they look about the same you wouldn't have known the difference huh? ;-)

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