Cassie Shepherd

November 4, 2015

House Progress Pics

It's been 16 months since we started shopping and seriously tossing the idea around of building a house ourselves, 11 months since we purchased our land, and 8 months since we started digging. Don't ask me when it'll be finished, because we don't know. Originally we guesstimated Halloween and obviously that didn't happen. I wish so badly we will be in by Christmas, but at this point, I think it would take a miracle.

I've never posted a bunch of consecutive pictures of our house. But, I feel like it's far enough along now that you can get a better feel of the layout and the direction we're heading. I know it'll just look like any other house to you, but to us, I can't stress enough how literally every little piece feels like a masterpiece. I guess that's what happens when you do it all yourself.

What we have left to do: Front porch/walkway and driveway cement, cement seal around house, lay and paint white shingles in the gables, white posts with rock bases, paint front door, soffit and rain gutters, paint touch ups, lights and cameras (we have an exterior/interior alarm system with cameras), build the back deck, and all the landscaping. But, we probably won't do the landscaping until next Spring. That's a whole 'nother major project.

PS - take a look at that foundation next door to us! Our first neighbors!!! We actually just met them on Sunday. They have two kids; a little girl who is four and a one year old boy. Perfect! The little girl made friends real quick with the twins. I even peaked at them playing in the dirt and she was holding both of their hands. Talk about melt my heart!!! The parents seem really nice and are even doing a lot of the work themselves so we clicked right off the bat.

Front Entry/Office: Eventually, on the left, we'll have sliding barn doors over our office - the room filled with our hardwood floor pieces and paint buckets. Our hardwood needs to be laid in this hall and the office still.

Bedrooms/Bathrooms/Bonus Room: As you come a little more into the house you can turn right or left. Right leads you up to our bonus room which will be the ultimate playroom. Left leads you past the coat closet and linen closet and into our bedrooms - the master, the girl's room, and the guest bedroom which will eventually be a nursery when we have more children. We have a lot of the electrical left to do, some of the trim work, the tile in the kids bath and master bathroom shower, and lay and paint all the shiplap in the master bedroom (it'll go on the back wall, right of the window). It'll look just like the front entryway. We also have the countertops, plumping, hardwood, and carpet to finish in these rooms. Halls are hardwood. Rooms are carpet.

Family Room/Kitchen
It's pretty obvious what we have left in these areas. We need to finish the floor, lay the rock on the fireplace, stain and place the mantel, finish electrical, and bring in our island. We purchased the island off a local classified site. It's a medium brown walnut. I need to pick out our pendent lights. I can't decide between a stainless steel look or glass. And, then all of the countertops and stainless steel appliances need to be put in. 

Basement/Half Bath/Garage/Laundry
We have one door knob on in the whole house. So I took a picture of it because I love the handles we picked out. We have a bunch of cheap stuff on all our other exterior doors. I can't wait to get the good stuff on. I threw in a picture going down to our basement, but I'll wait to post pictures because we're still framing down there. After we're done, we need to finish up the electrical and get it insulated before we can move in. 

If you didn't know, our basement has a second entry so once we are moved in we'll do the finish work in half the basement so we can use it as a rental/income property. I anticipate we'll be done down there in about a year from now so if you're looking to live in Mapleton and want to rent from someone awesome.... ;-) We have nine foot ceilings and the rental will have two bedrooms, one bath, and their own storage and laundry area. Our side will have all our cold storage and another two bedrooms and bathroom. But, we won't finish those for a few years. We're going to need a break sometime!

As far as upstairs...same as everywhere else - counters, electrical, tile, ect. need to be finished in these areas. I threw in a picture of the garage here just so you can see how messy it is. This is our two car and then we have one more one car garage thats connected here - it's got some storage space in the back too so that'll be Mitch's work area. We also need to build the stairs in the garage. I question why this wasn't the first things the guys seems like it'd make getting in and out so much easier than using a ladder, but whatever. I'm not the one going in and out everyday...

Anyway, we got the whole garage primed but ran out of time to finish paining its an "after we move in project" but my guess is that it probably won't ever happen. At this stage, I'm just happy to have the prime on there. It looks great to me! There is something cool about our garage door openers...something to do with them being on the side and being really quiet. It's one of Mitch's custom areas that I'll mess up if I try to explain it. All I can tell you is it looks clean and yes, they're very quiet! 

In the laundry room, you can't see it very well in this picture, but we also left room for Mitch to eventually build some locker/shelving on the right as you walk in. That'll be aways down the road, but we have enough space for 4-5 open locker units. I LOVE all the space for cleaning supplies and that we built the cabinetry up for the washer and dryer. We don't have pedestals so that is something I'm really looking forward to for our front loaders.

I think the laundry/utility room is one of my favorite spaces.

So, there ya go! Count down the days with me...I can't wait to move in!