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December 6, 2015

Elf On The Shelf: Day 1

This is the girl's first Christmas where they're really excited. Every house we pass strung with lights they scream, "Look, Mom! Christmas! Look!" It. Is. So. Much. Fun. They totally get Christmas trees and Santa (ho, ho ho) and snowmen. So, now I really get it...children just make christmas magical.

We're starting to implement a few Christmas traditions. I didn't get around to do an advent calendar this year! We did start Elf On The Shelf though. The girls are 2 years old (+3 months) and they kind of get it. They love the Elf. (His name is Elf this year because the girl's don't quite get names yet.) We're six days into it and they don't really expect him to be somewhere different everyday. They do everything from ooooh and awww over him to immediately toss him on the floor and head in the opposite direction. But, I do love seeing their reactions each morning.

I wanted to keep a record of the activities we do with him and document a little bit about the girl's reactions. I just don't want to forget all these fun Christmas memories. This is such a fun age.

Day 1
The Elf made his appearance with a three foot Christmas tree Mitch's sister let us borrow. Our house is torn to pieces because we thought we might be moving over the holiday. A week into December and looks like we'll for sure be here for the holiday so we could've brought in our 10 foot tree...makes me a little sad we didn't, but next year! So, we have our tiny move-friendly tree which also serves as toddler friendly because they can't really hurt it themselves. We didn't put any ornaments on it because, lets face it, they'll just pull them all off every day and they're not quite coordinated to put them back on yet. Another to-do item for next year! We do have a cute little star on top that I let them pull off and, of course, they broke it in like 5 minutes. So that went back on top and isn't allowed to come back down. Elf also brought Christmas jammies (snowman and a reindeer/snowflake pattern).

The girl's squealed "Christmas!" when they woke and saw our little tree and the elf. They pranced Elf  around, ran into our bedroom and danced him along the bed, "Daddy! Daddy! Look! Christmas!" They also loved the presents and had them opened right up. Both of the girls hate wearing jammies, but Emily insisted on changing into her new 'swaman' jammies.


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