Cassie Shepherd

December 12, 2015

Elf On The Shelf: Day 10

Missed day 9. Oops.

Day 10 was a total success though. I didn't know how they'd react to this because I'm not sure they understand fishing, but, let me tell you, they LOVED finding the gold fish. Of course, it was Emily who discovered it after the girls had been awake for awhile. She called for Addie and of course Addie came running. They immediately climbed up onto our vanity and ate all the goldfish. They asked for more so I put a handful in the sink and left the room for a minute. I came back and they'd started crushing them up with their toys. I figured, hey, why not? Great sensory activity?

And, then a few days later I found them on the vanity again...I guess they were looking for fish and got busy "cleaning" instead. (Insert face palm.)

Emily - Addie
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