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December 6, 2015

Elf On The Shelf: Day 3

Oh. Boy. Potty Training.
Where do I even start?

Earlier this week both girl's discovered they could take off their diapers. And once they figured it out, there was no going back. I started to notice their diapers coming off right before they had to pee...I started finding little puddles all around my house. And, I had this sudden panic that I didn't want this to happen on all our brand new carpet and floors in the new house. Originally I had planned on waiting until we were well settled into the new house to even try, but I had a sudden urge to get the worse of the training behind us. So, that evening I stalked up on potty training essentials (panties and bribes). $200 later, a quick read on how to potty train in three days, and I was ready!!! There was no stopping me.

The next morning Elf brought panties. I slept through their reaction, but Mitch caught some if it on tape. According to him, they were excited! Shortly after this, they ran downstairs and told me all about their new Elsa! They hopped right into their new panties. It was fun!

The day went GREAT. Really. The girls totally got it. Especially Addie. Within the first hour or so, she was already initiating telling me she had to go and running to the potty. She successful went three times in her potty without any little drips. And by the end of the day Emily had gone once! Lots of liquids, lots of chocolate, and 16 pairs of wet panties later, I was exhausted. And, I had a headache. I was stir crazy and basically wondering how necessary this was at this age/time.

I think the girls are ready, truly. If I buckled down and stayed consistent, worked through the testing stage, we'd get there fairly soon, I think. But, on day 2, when the girls woke up and the honeymoon was over and they wanted nothing to do with their potties or their underwear and were begging for their diapers...I did that thing I swore I wouldn't do - I gave in or gave up - however you want to look at it. Insert hashtag - momguilt.

It came down to a few things. 
1) We're moving in 3-4 weeks. They'd probably figure it out mostly by then, but, here's the thing, I am super stressed out and realized, there is no way I can be this dedicated to watching them even over the next 1-2 weeks. I have a whole house to pack by myself. Our nanny quit last week and I am nuts to try to do this all without any support in the middle of a move. 
2) It's Christmas time. Who wants to be stuck inside? What if they pee on Santa's lap?!
3) What if I buckle down and just do it, just to have the girls (or even just one of them) regress right after we move in. Pointless. 
4) I had TOTALLY forgotten we have an eye appointment coming up for Emily next week. I am guessing our doctor is going to say she needs round two of surgery. She definitely had a harder time than Addie - her PSTD lasted much longer. And, the number one sign for PSTD is potty regression after surgery. Again, pointless.
5) I asked myself, what are the pros of doing this now? Less pee on my new floor/carpet was one pro. But, after the first day of training, I also realized we could totally handle it. Almost all our floor is hardwood anyway...And, the only other reason I could come up with sticking to it was peer pressure because I'd posted on FB/IG that I was going to tackle it. Stupid pride.

So, here it is. Guess what? I am not the perfect mom who has her twin girls potty trained in three days after posting the catchy Elf On The Shelf potty picture. We'll try again when my life is a little more stable. Call it justification. Call it an excuse. Call it whatever you want. I'm just keeping it real for ya! 

I was talking to one of my friends and she told me her little girl has only ever had one accident because as she grew-into the potty she just trained herself. How magical would that be!? That's totally my next plan. Anyway, I packed up all the undies and put the girl's back in diapers. Since doing so, they've asked to pee a few times and I totally capitalize on it. Just tonight, Addie tore off her own diaper, ran into the bathroom (and I quickly caught on to what was going on) and sat her on the big potty. And she tinkled away. So, they get it. When they're a tad bit more ready, and when I am ready, we'll settle down and try again! 

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