Cassie Shepherd

December 7, 2015

Elf On The Shelf: Day 5

On Day 4 - nothing. I forgot. Oops. Good thing they don't understand it. Ha.

Day 5. Babies. What little girl doesn't like to wake up and play babies? Elf got out all their cribs and strollers (with the move, these items have been getting neglected in the basement). Easy peasy.

To be honest, Emily was more excited than Addie. She usually gravitates to the babies and Addie has a bad habit, well they both do, of expecting a TV show right when they get up while I make breakfast. I thought having the activities out might help them transition from wake-time better, but anything I offer is pretty short lived. You know how a toddlers attention span is...especially when they're hungry. They get really fussy and hence the TV. We left the babies out all morning though and both of them came back later and played for a good amount of time.

I snapped this picture later in the day. Just because I was grateful for a messy house. Grateful I have two little girls who giggle and cry and make my life crazy. This is proof of their simple joys and I found myself filled with love for all their little messes and toys.

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