Cassie Shepherd

December 10, 2015

Hardwood Floor Update | Pallmann' s Magic Oil

If you've ever built a house (or had someone else build it and you were apart of the process) you'll understand that during the building stage, the house pulls at you like a magnet. Sometimes I visit our house two, even three times a day. It's rare I miss a day all together. So, when our floors were being done and I went three days without seeing the house, I was in withdrawal.
Mitch had left for Las Vegas on work and the last I heard, the progress on the floors looked pristine. Dreamy. 

He'd helped our subcontractor sand and lay the first coat of oil. Oil? You might ask. Yes. Oil. We're a little unconditional and went with Pallmann's Magic Oil over a stain. It gives the wood a more natural look and is considered to be an up and coming trend here in Utah.

Since Mitch was out of town I was the first of us to see the final coat laid by the subcontractors. They'd texted Mitch the night before with an update that the floors were done and they looked great. The next afternoon, giddy with excitment, I walked in, fully expecting a rush of love to overwhelm me...only to instantly be shocked with absolute dread. 

Now, I'm not the most savvy person when it comes to building, applying, creating, I stood there. Confused. There was a brief moment where I doubted my judgement, maybe this was how it was supposed to look. Blotchy and unfinished - that's more natural, right? Well, either way, it was terrible. The picture shows one small patch of the floor, but the entire 1200 square feet looked liked this. The more I walked around, the more I knew Mitch wasn't going to be happy and there had to have been some kind of mistake. He was too much of a perfectionist to let something like this happen.

When I sent him pictures, I cringed at how he'd respond. I was upset and I knew he was even more upset. He'd spent hours doing it correctly the first go around and thought he could trust the guys to do their job for the last coat, but obviously it didn't go so well. 

At this point I was panicking a little. There is a lot of money behind this floor and if the subs thought this looked "great" then who was going to be paying for it to get fixed? And who would be fixing it? 

Mitch sent the pictures out to our sub and a Pallmann's representative in Oregon. And can you believe our luck? The Pallmann's rep just happened to be coming into Salt Lake the following week and offered to come down and meet with our subcontractors to discuss fixing it. 

When the verdict was in, the good news was it could be fixed and it wasn't going to cost us anymore money! The bad news, well, Mitch was going to have to do a lot of the work to repair the damages. Don't ask me why he got stuck doing something we'd paid for someone else to do. (Probably because they didn't do it well, right?) It's a touchy subject around here. 

This brings us up to today. The floors are done. Hallelujah! And, yes, they do look beautiful and I am happy. To be completely honest, I am not wholly convinced they're 100% "fixed." But, if you came in, you'd never know where the imperfections are and I'll probably forget over time, especially when we bring in our furniture and life continues on. 

(A big thank you to those who reached out after my IG post...the one I wrote with stupid silly tears. I am at my wits end with this house. Everything feels dramatized because we're stressed out and ready to return to some sense of normality and routine. So, anyway, I just really appreciate the support.)

And because I know you'll ask, I don't know if we're going to make it by Christmas. We are close. Very close. Carpet comes Monday. But, there are a lot of small, somewhat time consuming areas that need to be done before we can pass inspection. It's all up in the air right now. If it isn't by Christmas Day, it'll be shortly after. 


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