Cassie Shepherd

December 19, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Took a quick three hour time out from packing to capture these cuties with "Ho-Ho" aka "Jingle-Way" aka "Santa." (Jingle-Way is for ...jingle all the way.) They both had the 'why am I sitting here' face for about 70 of the pictures, but we caught a few smiles and some cute peek-a-boos.

And a quick update on us. Today is Mitch's birthday. Mitch has spent the entire day working on the house and I've been packing. I'm learning its hard to pack and move an entire house into your garage by yourself...with toddlers. Welcome to adulthood, right? Our final inspection is on Monday. Our doctor wanted to perform Emily's eye surgery (yes, we confirmed she needed another surgery) on Wednesday, but since we will probably be closing on that day (or maybe Thursday) then we decided to push the surgery back into January. It'll be on the 13th. I feel a little guilty, but I think it's necessary for all of us to survive moving and to really enjoy Christmas. I'm ecstatic the day to move is almost finally here, but it all feels surreal. Life is just a little crazy right now. We're running off adrenaline and just trying to survive these next few weeks. 

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