Cassie Shepherd

January 7, 2016

House Tour

The Mitch-mahal. That's what my brother named our house. :)

We've been here a little over two weeks and yesterday got the internet set up! So, I am happy I can blog and post our pictures. But, it's so funny because now I am looking back on these photos and everything feels SO different. Now that we have furniture and all our items moved in, it's like I feel like I need to post more updated photos. But, you'll get the idea. And, as we get settled, I will post more, but right now, everything feels unorganized and not quite how I would want everyone to see it, ha!

Everyone asks me how it feels to be in. It IS wonderful. I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. However, I don't think people realize how much work we still have to do. You'll notice in some areas we don't even have baseboards in. And, the places we do, I know you can't tell by the pictures, but a lot of them aren't painted. The unfinished work drives my OCD insane. But, I am learning patience and trying not to bug Mitch too much. He's incredibly burnt out. And, so while some days I think I might go mad because the girl's closet rods aren't hung, the toilet paper holders are still in their packages, and we have no place to safely set our TV...I try to take a minute and remind myself that we are in. This is a huge milestone. And, in fact, considering I can't fix every area exactly how I want, it's nice to be able to just take one little area at a time. Yesterday, I spent the entire day organizing my closet. And the sad thing is, I didn't even get it completely done, ha! And if you were to walk in, you'd probably never notice. But, its customized for us and it's been a lot of fun along the way. I only have about 200 other spaces I need to do the same thing with. It'll be a fun year.

What's next? I told Mitch he's got to get the basics done (the closet rods, ect). As I post the rooms, I'll tell you the major things that still need to be done. But, after we spend a few more weeks getting settled, we need to turn our attention to the basement. If you didn't know, we're finishing half of it so we can rent it out. The entire basement is about 90% framed and we've got some of the plumbing and electrical done, but there is still a good amount of work to be done. But, hopefully it'll go a little quicker because its a smaller space and the nice thing is, Mitch is home and won't have to lose 1-2 hours a day just in clean up and tool storage.

We're also going to do a bunch of our own landscaping this spring so that will be another big project. I try not to look too far ahead because if I do, it's just so overwhelming. We've already had a window break and three sinks are taped off because they've been leaking for a week now. I feel like we're going to spending forever and every spare moment on all these things. And, we probably will.

We're burnt out and somewhat complaining right now, but I know deep down we also really enjoy it. Mitch is proud of the work he has done and so am I. The spaces that I LOVE, where everything came together just right, I take pride in the color choices and materials because I picked them all. I shopped for hours on end and we made all the final decisions. I know most people like to just go in and have five samples to chose from. Something pre-selected by a designer that already "works." And quite frankly, let me tell you, it would be SO much easier to have done that, but that really isn't who I am or who Mitch is. We like to customize everything and do it all ourselves. It's harder this way, but it's been so rewarding. Totally worth every sleepless night! I think one day I'll blog more in depth about this because I know a lot of people who've followed the house project are people who like to do the same things as down the road we'll go over that. The one thing I will say now is even though we've done it all ourselves, it isn't perfection. We've spent thousands, saved thousands, and there are still things we'd do differently. Which has been a hard reality for me because when you spend so much money you feel like it should be perfection. I had a friend tell me that her in-laws built a four million dollar home and there were still mishaps and things they would've done differently, so I've decided it's probably impossible to be 100% satisfied with a house.

The last thing I wanted to say...we also get questioned a lot about our finances and how worth it was in that regard. That's something else I'd love to blog about another day. Meanwhile, we're really open about our finances. I have people message me...e-mail me...with questions all the time. It is more of a tabooed subject. I get it. But, don't hesitate to reach jut and just ask. We're open books.
We aren't even 100% sure yet on how finances will pan out because we haven't closed on our loans yet. Obviously, we aren't debt free anymore, but we're going to map out a plan. I can tell you, we did do a 30 year loan vs 15 (which I know surprises most people). But it's with the idea that then we weren't stuck in a rock and hard place if we had some unforeseen financial hardship. However, we're going to do our best to make double+ payments. When we first mapped it all out we had a goal to have the house paid off within about six years. I haven't sat down and ran numbers again, but I think that might've been a little ambitious now that we're to this point. If I were to guess, I think ten might be a little more realistic, but we'll see. It's a big goal and one that hurts my brain to think about.

Okay, here are the pics! I am missing the garage because I forgot. But, who really cares right? One day we'll have a really cool organized garage. Mitch has plug-ins for electric cars and the work tables of his dreams but right now it's just packed full crap from our other house and I suspect it'll take a long time for us to go through it all.

I don't have a lot of pictures because it was muddy. Obviously we need to do all the landscaping, but we'll also either stain our posts dark walnut (which is the same stain as our handrail inside) or we'll cover them and paint them white. It probably won't be until it's a little warmer outside. We also need to paint our front door. I'm leaning toward Wyth Blue which is a light blue color, but, again, we'll decide for sure this spring. 




This is one of my favorite rooms. I love how everything came together.
Eventually we'll carry the same tile deco in the shower as a backsplash to the vanity.

No, I am not pregnant, but I still call this room the nursery room because that where I'll next baby will go. For now, I just make sleep in here when he is on call at night.
You might also notice the camera...we have a security system and programmed the kid's rooms so it can also serve as our baby monitors. Cameras are also all over our front/back yard which I love! 



Bonus Room


We still need to stain our mantle dark. Its the same stain as our hand rail going up to the bonus room. We do have a wood burning fire place. I fought Mitch on it the entire time and now it's in my top five favorite things in the house. Funny how that happens huh?

We have a slab of granite on our island right now, but when we can gather about 10 strong men, we're going to swap it out for a slab of quartz that matches the rest of the perimeter of the kitchen. And, then we need to do all the tile work on the walls. We're probably going to do marble bricks on the entire back wall (up behind the hood fan) and then about 1/4 the way up on the wall with the kitchen sink and three windows.

Hidden pantry ^ (We still need to get the hardware on it)


The door on the left is the laundry room and the other doors - one goes down to the basement and the other into the half bath. The door at the end of the hallway goes to the garage.

The laundry room is also one of my favorite rooms. I love all the storage! It's low on our priority list, but eventually, on the right side of the room Mitch will build a mud area for backpacks/shoes/ect with a bench. We don't really need it now so it's just empty. We also want to do tile under the cabinets and on the entire back wall above the sink and behind the drying clothes line rod. 

That's it! For now... 


  1. I squeal with delight every time I see your kitchen! So happy for you! You've both worked so hard.