Cassie Shepherd

January 18, 2017

Baby Boy Nursery

Originally we had planned to do the whole wall behind the crib in reclaimed wood. But, in the middle of the project we changed our minds. Mostly because I was afraid it was going to be too rough to the touch on the wall. We'd already painted the wall and turns out I liked the color and thought it looked good. So, instead, Mitch just made those wood chevrons. Which, I love! I also love my pouf! A little pricy, but it brought the room together nicely. I also have a bunch of cute decor for a wall collage above the changing table. It was all laid out on the floor, but we didn't get it hung up before James was born so it might be awhile until I get around to it again. Overall, I'm really happy about how it all come together though! 

On another note, I'm working on my birth story so hopefully it'll be done soon. :) 

I see all his cute clothes in the closet and on one hand I want him to grow so he can wear them and then, on the other, I want him to stay tiny forever!!!

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