Cassie Shepherd

July 24, 2017

Basement Rental Pictures

You guys!!! Tonight Mitch and I are FINALLY crossing off another huge goal of ours! We've turned another dream into a reality. It feels good. When we were first married, we always dreamt about building our home. Check. And, then, we always wanted to be able to rent out the basement, especially while our family was still young and we didn't need the space. And here we are! Check. YES!

I seriously can't even tell you how many hours of sleep we've lost (especially Mitch). How many fun things we've had to miss out on (especially Mitch). How many nights I've been alone with the kids while Mitch is downstairs working. It's been so hard to build a house and then turn around and basically build another small mini house ha! It's taken us exactly 19 months to do it. We moved in on December 22, 2015 and here we are - July 23, 2017.

Our renter has been moving in this weekend and tomorrow we officially hand it over. It's a little surreal! It's been a huge stressor - emotionally, mentally, and financially. But, tomorrow morning we can finally turn that around and breath a sigh of relief.

My favorite is the black and white bathroom! It was fun to be able to do things just a little different than the upstairs. The apartment is just over 1300 sq ft. There are 2 bedrooms and a nice large space for laundry/storage/ect. You enter in from the side of our house/driveway. The stairs are covered going down.

Also, we've had a lot of questions on the concrete counter tops...they totally turned out and I actually LOVE them and feel like they go perfectly with out style! Mitch did a such great job on them. I even think they look like quartz! They are very very time intensive and it took him a lot longer than we thought it would. Also, very tedious. But, it was totally worth it!

I wish I'd gone down with our nice camera and took some better photos. These are just from my phone, but oh well, you'll get the idea! Here it is!

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